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  • November 16, 2017
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The new maverick came, the owner of the most care is actually this configuration – Sohu car late on September 8th, Changan Ford announced the new Ford maverick officially listed, the price range of 193800 yuan to 275800 yuan, with the same old maverick. In September 14th, Ford Changan west again in Chongqing to the owners and prospective owners demonstrates this with 62 standard technology configuration, made a lot of upgrades and other models, and let us witness the new maverick climbing strength. My brother from Chongqing nine Fufute 4S shop learned that the new maverick up, the old maverick has no inventory, only a small amount of money and individual car. At the same time, the new Ford: good sales, nine Fu has approved the sale of dozens, but the owners are most concerned about is the new maverick electronic handbrake configuration. Witness climbing 3 meters: new strength easy hump in September 14th, autumn breeze swept the banks of two rivers. Moonlight, feast, coming together in the evening with the new Ford maverick. 6 intelligent evolution, 62 is the standard, the new Ford Maverick is walking in a perfect way to break. The event, a new Ford maverick domineering exit, easily rushed 3 metre hump in all admiring eyes, safely parked in steep slope! The steep drop, equipped with intelligent technology, make the new maverick has better off-road climbing ability. Can easily deal with some bad road." Changan Ford nine Fu 4S shop staff told my brother said, buy maverick owners, most still want the car in addition to walking in the city, can also take them to the wild and wild. It is reported that the old maverick has been basically sold out, "there are a few cars only individual models." Nine Fu staff said. The purchase of the new maverick purchase tax free owners are most concerned about is the electronic handbrake is listed to celebrate the new Ford maverick, West Ford gives a lot of benefits, for example, who participated in the evening dinner listed Ford owners to introduce new customers Car Buying, will receive from the main city of Chongqing area special dealer sent Anfu yuan oil card 1! This is only a small benefit. And just listing the new maverick, there have been some preferential. "In nine Fufute Car Buying if the purchase tax free." Nine Fufute Marketing Manager Shi Liu told my brother, this is very awesome preferential. Compared with the old section, the new Ford up, consumers are most willing to pay for the new configuration? According to the nine Fufute sales feedback, is currently ranked first in the electronic handbrake, ranking second is Carplay, third is the tire pressure monitoring, fourth electronic child safety lock. It is reported that the nine Fu has approved the sale of more than 50 units of new maverick, good sales. This is my street 841st original authors share brother reprint please indicate the source must be my welcome message, the more attention micro signal: jiepaikuche "- long press copy.相关的主题文章: