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The movie "where are you" Vancouver, "fire" – Entertainment Sohu prior to debut at the Venice Film Festival and held the world premiere of the Chinese film "where are you", on the 9 day he moved to the fourth Vancouver International Film Festival and participated in a number of awards. Unexpectedly, the film in Vancouver, "on fire"! The opening of the Vancouver Film Festival on the same day (9 days), the film "where are you" were also shown. The film went on for 1 hours or so, and the cinema suddenly broke down, and then the fire alarm sounded". Organizers immediately organized hundreds of spectators evacuated. After the danger, we only know that the so-called "fire", was originally a theater switch fault. The recovery is beyond all expectations, the concept of the movie, we again queuing up for admission, floor again full, All seats are occupied. withdrawal of the previous audience, no one left. Organizers said that although this emergency situation It is often seen. on the film festival, but the audience would like a movie, or the first time. The movie "where are you" was directed by Fan Haolun, Chinese crime genre scene Ke starring in Venice, harvest praise. The film was not screened in the mainland, but can have such a magic let the audience "stay", in addition to foreign audience enthusiasm for Chinese film, tense plot and exciting shots also contributed. I believe that after the release of the film in the mainland, the Chinese film more cordial mainland audience, but also to feel the impact of the film and shock, let it be a fire.相关的主题文章: