The most afraid of falling in love with you, into love you ca1871

Most afraid of falling in love with you, you have become a public concern about the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: "Uncle don’t two wide, the joy, breaking up their own well, seems to be the most admired practice. Unfortunately, this is the most ideal, but also the most difficult to do. Recently saw a student survey, never together, and separate together, which is more regret. Two people have their own reasons, but I clearly feel those who choose to be separated from the people, but also regret. They will tell you a little experience of sadness, I may never meet a loved one. I want to spend a lifetime with you, I think I do not consciously smile mouth, the results go with you to the end, not me. Accompany you to go to the end of 01 is not my former colleague millet is a single mother, you don’t ask, but also see her hard work, colleagues always unconsciously to help, sometimes home adults did not empty then a child, she will give the child to the company. The child is really good, every time a company called on us to give her mother to introduce handsome brother, we also know that the original millet is not because the child has been single, but they do not want to find it. Millet is very comfortable, not very beautiful, but there is a Jiangnan woman’s gentle feeling. Colleagues say to her, the other children feel also never mind, love is good, we are happy for her, but she finally declined. Millet said that did not feel, in fact, she is not feeling, but the mentality is full of. When the company party millet drunk, fall on my side says her secret. I heard her say her once, and her father and the children had heard her crying, saying the man hidden in her heart does not come out, let her lose the right to love others. Millet said, sometimes I really regret it better with him. Talk about an ordinary love, maybe you don’t feel the thrill of passion but surge high and sweep forward, at least not disappear; most afraid of love for the people, with vigour and vitality, wholeheartedly to pay, there is no final result, but also strong with their well. 02 friends Xuan Xuan and her boyfriend of three years, when it comes to marriage, the mother of a sentence out of eight, the girl in the door. Is not the parents wish will not be a happy marriage, everyone knows, struggling for a few months, the man or the home like a sign of weakness. Xuan Xuan later told us that she was going to persuade his mother personally, a few of us waited for half an hour on the outside, through the wall seemed to hear those harsh words, when she has been crying out to fainting. Later we sent her home, then no later. The man soon in the arrangement of their parents to get married, is heard a girl, or an invitation to send, we asked Xuan Xuan to go, she said not to. Go, afraid of their own control, but also afraid he can not control. Xuan Xuan became the US "3S lady", but, not so many tears, also learn to laugh at yourself, young ah, love too crazy, now love someone else, really sorry.)相关的主题文章: