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  • April 16, 2018
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The monitor to help 4 inmates bribe guards pleaded guilty a good attitude is exempt from penalty – Beijing, the original title: criminals to help monitor 4 inmates to bribe guards JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Wang Xiaofei) Liu served in Qinghe Branch Liulin prison, use the convenience as the monitor management of offenders, 4 criminals to help the instructor the prison area Lu (dealt with) a bribe of 36 thousand yuan, to adjust to a more relaxed position. The reporter learned yesterday, because frankly and truthfully confessed, Liu was given a lighter punishment. Finally, a court to bribery, Liu exempted from criminal punishment. To help monitor inmates bribed guards 37 year old Liu because of contract fraud, in October 16, 2012 was sentenced to 1 years and 4 months, 2013 released from prison, on suspicion of bribery, on March 26, 2015 was released on bail. Beijing City People’s Procuratorate accused Qinghe, November 2012 to November 2013, Liu Qinghe Branch in Liulin prison fifth prison prison, has served as the monitor, monitor and assist the prison police management of offenders. Fifth instructors road prison area (handled separately) by management of production activities in the prison area of the machine, stations and other illegal methods to punish the criminal penalty. Some criminals learned that through the road to a bribe bribery can get a request, Liu Mou to a bribe and get a way to take care of. Liu to maintain a relationship with the road, as well as to get a better treatment of the prison, a few people want to bribe a road and asked to be taken care of the situation to tell the way a. Since then, the way through the introduction of Liu, Chen and Kwak to the criminals were received 8000 yuan, and adjusted for their jobs. In December 2014, Beijing city procuratorate investigation Qinghe Lumou alleged corruption, bribery case, to ask Liu, Liu truthfully confessed the facts of the crime of bribery. Qinghe procuratorate believes that in view of the Liu Mouyou plot, I hope the court of Liu mitigated punishment. Good attitude is exempt from punishment the case trial, the prosecution alleged Liu no objection. It is understood that the road is a five sub district supervisor, the management of a full range of work, including production, the adjustment of criminal labor positions. According to the prosecution presented the prisoners Yemou testimony, 2012, he went to prison five prison area Liu Lin, asked the new monitor Liu Mouneng not to call home. Liu told him that he had to spend some money, not only that, but also to spend 8000 yuan in a relaxed position. Since then, Liu took him to the road to a road office, a mobile phone contact with his father, let my father has two times to the way a bank account of a meeting of 12 thousand yuan, a posterior he adjusts to a more relaxed position. By the municipal court after the investigation, Liu in prison, use as a monitor with guards contact more convenient, will want to spend money to get jobs easily introduced to the criminals responsible for labor production of prison police Lumou, Lumou by Liu introduction, has a leaf to the criminal charge of 12 thousand yuan, to the criminal a, Chen and Guo were charged 8000 yuan, and 4 people to easily adjust labor positions. The court held that Liu in prison reform.相关的主题文章: