The man inside 73 poisonouseggs train pain doctor loumajiao

The man inside 73 "poisonouseggs" train pain doctor out police inventory of "poison eggs" (Xiangyang Tiejing for map) of the police seized drugs were weighed (Xiangyang Tiejing for map) a man to make money fast, for unfamiliar users from overseas to domestic drug trafficking, by swallowing, anal plug so in vivo hidden 73 "poison eggs", October 18th, the man on the train because of physical discomfort was rushed to a local hospital for treatment of Enshi. Unexpectedly, the doctor checks out, was arrested by public security organs. At noon on October 18th, the Xiangyang Railway Police Department, Enshi police station received calls, said Chengdu to Hankou D354 train will arrive at EnShi Railway Station, bus passengers need to send the pain medicine. 13 pm the same day, the train arrived at EnShi Railway Station, police station, deputy director Wang Wei taught the man Wang Fei abdominal pain admitted to hospital immediately organized the police. After a medical examination, Wang found the belly of a large number of oval shaped foreign bodies. With many years of experience in the investigation of drug-related cases deputy director Wang suspected Longfei by drugs in vivo way to transport drugs, immediately conducted a detailed review of its. Seeing his whereabouts, Wang truthfully confesses his 17 day at 6 in the morning in Burma Meng Ping through the anus and swallow the way, 73 bags of drugs in vivo, ready to be shipped to Wuhan. Police immediately take it back to the handling area to be controlled. In the next two hours, the suspect Wang will be 73 pieces of "poison eggs" from the body fully discharged, the police seized drugs Magu 3000, a total of 312.5 grams. Wang explained that he was 22 years old, was originally a chef, working in a hotel in Beijing. In September this year, resigned because of too low wages, playing online games strong a man claiming to take him to make money fast friends, the other said he does not need to spend a penny, to run the "foreign goods" will bring back twenty thousand dollars. Although knowing each other with their own "goods" drugs, in the temptation of high returns, Wang decided to rush into danger. Currently, the suspect Wang has been under criminal detention railway police, the case is being processed.相关的主题文章: