The man drove into a tree stump and died before the incident was being chased by the police in the p-mp7a1

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  • April 15, 2018
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The man drove into a tree stump and died before the incident was being chased by the police police response – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter intern reporter Wu Hongli Han Xueyan) Hebei Zhangjiakou citizens Mr. Ding reflect, August 21st, Lee driving brother-in-law suspected to be a police car chase, causing the vehicle out of control accident killed. Local police responded that the patrol officers found that Lee was trailing suspicious appearance and movements inventory, but police car before the accident has returned. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. The afternoon of August 21st, Mr. Ding learned from the traffic control department of Zhangjiakou, the brother-in-law of Lee in the afternoon driving a car Xiali cars, on the left side of the road near the village of Ningyuan hit the stumps and rebounded to the right side of the road ditch, died on the spot. "He was the speed quickly, may be to be Huangbuzelu before it hit the tree stump." Mr. Ding said witnesses said the expression of something before, Lee had been a police car chase. Another witness said that before the incident had seen a woman in the Lee car. Mr. Ding saw in the vehicle accident, the driver and the copilot seat has the bloodstain, the front windshield all broken, below a plurality of long hair and scalp tissue. Ding said, according to his observation and witnesses said he suspected that the accident was not a single accident, and then the car more than one person, then asked the police team on the vehicle blood, scalp tissue and other evidence to do DNA testing. Zhangjiakou City Public Security Bureau, the Bureau issued the statement said, more than 3 points in August 21st afternoon, the Bureau of the two officers driving police patrols in the West Street station, Lee driving a vehicle from a lane from normal driving to the police car, Lee suddenly accelerated to the east. The staff think the driver abnormal behaviour, so the car closer to the suspicious appearance and movements, driving, to prepare its inventory of vehicles and personnel. But the car has been in the acceleration state, thus driving the police car to the personnel on duty followed Ningyuan railway bridge, after the return to confirm its license plate number, and to inform the Bureau of personnel on duty station. Subsequently, the Xiali car continued to travel to the direction of Ningyuan village road. Yesterday, Zhangjiakou City Traffic Police Detachment directly under the four brigade shiguke song police officer told reporters, Lee’s monitoring shows the rear of the vehicle has a police car, suspected of the chase, before the accident the police have been back. Lee died on the spot after the accident, the scene no other injured. The driver of the Xiali car without airbag, suspected by the car crash after bleeding to death. For the families of the two people questioned whether the cause of the accident, the car, the police officer said the song, Lee is currently working on an autopsy, and to detect the vehicle accident on the DNA, the cause of the accident to wait for the test results come out to confirm.相关的主题文章: