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  • November 16, 2017
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Microwave oven for 70 years since the invention of   how many milepost should be remembered — home — many people may not know, lying a microwave oven in your kitchen, perhaps a bit disgraceful, how powerful the black technology. In essence, the microwave oven is one of the most brilliant inventions of mankind. It is known as "the ten great inventions that changed the world in twentieth Century."". Since the invention of the first microwave oven, shape function, microwave ovens have undergone tremendous changes, the development that today we have to sort out the microwave oven, look at what the milepost type across, you know their own home microwave oven which is the stage of the product? From the "fat man" to "thin" in 1945, a U.S. radar Engineer Spencer in the process of experiment, found in the pocket of chocolate melted, at first thought it was caused by their body temperature. Later, the inspection found that chocolate melts turned out to be on the radar device magnetron at work. So, Dr. Spencer made a can opening metal box infeed of the microwave energy when placed in charge of food in the food can wave a rapid rise in temperature, the original microwave oven was born. Raytheon Company research along Spencer’s ideas. Finally in 1947 the birth of the world’s first time to "radar" as the commodity name of microwave oven, this is a floor type commercial microwave oven, 5.5 feet tall and weighs more than 750 pounds, priced at $5000, with a water-cooled magnetron 1700W installation, it is very troublesome. Because of its large size and high price, the microwave oven is not ideal. In 1967, Forster, founder of the American Oman company finally made the microwave oven "thin" down, the new machine body and small quick heating, the microwave oven door is used to prevent the leakage of microwave choke seal door. In 1975, the company was the first to launch a microwave oven with a microprocessor (the electronic microwave oven), which has 10 kinds of cooking speed and 4 kinds of cooking procedures. Really make the microwave oven hot, began to become the main kitchen appliances. The development of microwave technology revolution in the history of the microwave oven, the most indispensable name should be Galanz, the legendary China brand, 1992 from textile industry transformation to microwave oven manufacturing research and development, from scratch, from the first China do first in the world, leading the world trend of microwave oven industry for more than 20 years, is the pride of the people. Beginning in 1997, for the traditional microwave oven thermal efficiency is not high, uneven heating, single function and other defects, Galanz plans to develop lightwave microwave oven. In 1999, Galanz launched the world’s first black microwave oven King Kong, a white home appliance "Color Revolution", created a home appliance selling global legend. (prior to this, including the microwave oven, all white appliances, always white appearance) in 2001, Galanz pioneered the world’s first wave microwave combined microwave oven ("oven"), a microwave heating technology of light ")相关的主题文章: