The gospel of hemodialysis patients in our hospital introduction of hemodialysis fistula repair inst

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  • March 3, 2017
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arteriovenous fistula is the lifeline of most hemodialysis patients, doctors and nurses often told the most is the day to touch your fistula, but there is always a part of patients with dialysis fistula stenosis or obstruction caused by insufficient removal efficiency, even hemodialysis can not continue. This will make the face of renal high mortality and complications of high risk rate of , and even did not develop smoothly will affect the quality of dialysis fistula, more than half will be unable to maintain a narrow or blocked face problems, often need to be solved by surgery. Because individual constitution is different, the fistula life from three months to 10 years.

in our hospital in December 26, 2016 introduced a for hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula repair without — treatment instrument blood dialysis fistula repair instrument , the instrument through far infrared irradiation to generate non thermal effect can increase the hemodialysis patients with arteriovenous fistula blood flow, improve the quality of dialysis ; to promote the healing of fistula puncture needle, reduce pain in hemodialysis better ; improve the success rate of artificial arteriovenous fistula; accelerate fistula maturation; prolong the life of internal fistula.

a dialysis fistula repair instrument

because of hemodialysis patients often need to establish cardiopulmonary bypass in fistula puncture, a small vessel a young said to tie up the more than and 200 needle, the needle will be due to endothelial fistula every two or three days of injury, the treatment instrument has puncture point promote healing , reduce the puncture point damage < strong>, on the other hand can be reduced vascular endothelial injury, dilation of blood vessels, reduce puncture injury caused by fistula stenosis.

at the same time in our patients with arteriovenous fistula in the perioperative period, can be treated. Vascular endothelial function and vascular dilation were improved before operation. It can promote the healing of stoma, promote the repair of vascular endothelium, and eliminate the local swelling. To improve the success rate of in arteriovenous fistula (), according to the relevant literature, the success rate of fistula was higher than (14%).

hemodialysis fistula repair instrument has a high safety , mild temperature , low-risk , non invasive >