The East China Sea Fleet destroyer suffered 6 missile attack soldiers shot down all Military Channel

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  • November 16, 2017
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The East China Sea Fleet destroyer suffered 6 missile attacks " " the soldiers shot down – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Fleet sailing. At the beginning of this century, a modern class missile destroyers set sail from Russia and St Petersburg set out, sailing more than 12 thousand miles China arrived in Zhoushan, East China Sea Fleet destroyer detachment officially joined the people’s Navy sequence. In 16 years, they started from 1 ships, more than and 200 people, "snowball" has trained more than 40 qualified training, training qualified Department captain 100 long and tens of thousands of qualified crews, have become the development of advanced warships navy destroyer squadron information. In 16 years, when they pioneer, DaTouZhen, has successfully completed nearly 100 major task, shooting hundreds of missiles, for 14 consecutive years was named the army military training division, creating a number of naval records, known as the "fist" naval forces. This is known as the epitome of the transformation of the development of the Navy and the window is how to carry out the transformation of the building? Recently, the reporter went to the East China Sea. Leading direction: Yong when new equipment "trailbreaker" one day in September 1998, the "Lake" passenger ship slowly sailing in the East China Sea, from the Navy 63 units deployed to 259 soldiers as a detachment of the first crew, embarked on a journey. Control of new warships toward deep blue, the party and the people of the new era of naval officers and soldiers of the ardent expectations. For the introduction of new equipment to play "trailbreaker", 259 soldiers facing the unknown environment, high-tech equipment, feel heavy pressure and challenge. New equipment must rely on wisdom and sweat to dry out, spell out!" From Dalian Naval Academy of the PLA to the Naval Engineering University, and then to St Petersburg, the officers and men have spent all their energy on learning new equipment. The scene was still visible before the eyes: foreign environment is particularly hard, a dozen people crowded in the rusty, around Water Leakage soldiers of the cabin, all gnawing hard black bread, drank red sour soup. The end of the training assessment, the crew are all qualified, more than 90% outstanding! The foreign teacher said in a respectful tone: "the Chinese navy is amazing!" In January 2000, at the dawn of the new century new warships set sail, the first crew to ship driving. 42 days, more than nine warships, SANYO sea, sailing the 10 world famous sea routes and complex area, creating a report on time to the motherland, the people’s Navy I imported equipment to build the first self-propelled. To combat equipment, will be formed? The soldiers made "in the past year in the formation of combat" junlingzhuang! As the vanguard of naval transformation construction, the detachment first fielded a missile destroyer and domestic new missile frigate, they boldly explore "extraordinary measures a double training ship" cultivation method in system, the crew, Cheng Shixun according to the flow of air defense anti submarine anti-ship combat, greatly enhance the training efficiency. That summer, a sea of guns roar, missile takeoff. Fitted out in less than a year Fuzhou ship in a complex electromagnetic environment is left-handed, created in naval history, naval gun and shipboard air defense missile interception is not"相关的主题文章: