The driver of the car top police hurricane 2 kilometers the copilot man cover their escape —

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  • November 16, 2017
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The driver of the car top police hurricane 2 kilometers   the copilot man cover their escape — Hainan window – October 5th afternoon, a terrible scene occurred in the city of Xuzhou: a black car with a policeman, high speed of about 2 kilometers, and repeated attempts to turn left, go S road traffic police. Fortunately, the police always seize the gap between the engine cover and the windshield, it did not lead to tragedy. The vehicle stopped, the copilot man rushed off with the traffic police, the driver fled. After being subdued, the man actually claimed that he was passing good man, is to help the police. As of press time ago, the reporter learned from the Xuzhou police, the driver has been arrested. Horror scene: car against the traffic police on duty in Xuzhou city by 17:43 on October 5th, police brigade Quanshan eight traffic police team in Ruyi road music hall door, sketch a break a single line of black crown car parking inspected. See the police, the car began to slow down, but the car head to the police legs actually did not stop, the traffic police clamored for the vehicle to pull over. A horrible scene happened suddenly, the car suddenly accelerated, the police be caught off guard after being hit, lying on the hood. The vehicle did not slow down, even the police continue to speed up the traffic. In this way, the roof of a traffic police, from the nearby city music hall at the entrance, along the ring road, Hubei Road, Gongnong Road South, Ruyi road. In the meantime, the car also through the sharp turn at the intersection, the road in the middle of the spacious strip S shape, etc., trying to get off the traffic police. Fortunately, the police were holding the hands of the gap between the hood and windshield, before being dumped. Reporters yesterday saw the incident through the section of the road, the roof of the traffic police at a junction, suddenly turn, while the corner of a car is reversing, the traffic police legs almost collided with the rear corner of the car. Even more shocking is that the traffic police enforcement recorder was wearing screen display, the car in the passenger seat of the man in motion has been using a mobile phone lying in front of the hood on the road in a traffic police, pointing his mouth constantly saying what. Eventually, when the car arrived near a hotel in Binhu, due to the narrow road was forced to stop, the traffic police towed the distance of about two km. The wonderful scene: the copilot man cover the driver to escape, but also a "good Samaritan" vehicle was forced to stop, the copilot man jumped out of the car, quickly still lying aside on the hood of the traffic police, the driver immediately accelerated to drive away. See the vehicle after the escape, the copilot man ready bugger, traffic police on duty were clinging, two people into a fight. The copilot man in the break in, take off the coat, trying to "jinchantuoqiao", the police did not expect to cling to. Near the scenic area two patrol team found the situation, immediately stepped forward to help, a few people will work together to subdue the man. At this point, surrounded by a lot of people on the road, was a man sitting on the ground, a gas. Subsequently, the wonderful scene appeared, in the face of many onlookers, the man suddenly and loudly said he was passing by "good people", because the police lying very dangerous on the hood, came to the side of the road traffic police will kindly help, he is doing good, but by the traffic police will mistakenly as perpetrators male).相关的主题文章: