The double chromosphere 16131 basketball three yards 0507 Sohu 15- forecast

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  • November 16, 2017
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The double chromosphere 16131 forecast: basketball three yards 0507 15- Sohu Chinese welfare lottery Shuangseqiu lottery results 2016130th period: 031721232728 + 01, and 119, three than 1:2:3, repeat 1, even 2. The sales of 389013348 yuan, 8 note first prize 7 million 790 thousand, 2016131 prize pool accumulated 1258366632 yuan, double chromosphere forecast: size ratio: the size ratio of 4:2, a large number of code, according to the situation, this period value size average out of proportion to the size of the key recommendation 3:3. Weight code: the number of weight out of 21, the number of recent strong momentum, the attention weight number out, recommend 2328. Leading: on the issue number 03, the priority even occupy the first place, reference number 0408. Phoenix: on the issue number 28, this issue still needs to pay close attention to even give priority to 0 yards, reference number 30. The company: the company opened 2728, even a region nearly 10 in 2 times, two even 1 times, three even 4 times, even the whole code number increase weak. This issue is optimistic about the code out, reference 282930. Mantissa: last out of 4 tail 3718, nearly five the number of mantissa trend for the period 5-5-5-5-4, the mantissa is between 5-6, even the tail of 3 pieces, 048 mantissa focus tail. The red ball 12 yards: 0408101417232425 28293031 three: 232830 red double red bile bile: 2330 red alone: 23 basketball analysis: on stage out of small code 01, see the overall size distribution, nearly 10 period large number is strong, the small yards out continued weak, according to the previous number trend, a new promising small code the number of. At present, even the overall strength, according to the previous number trend, a new focus on the odd period. Five yards: 0305071215 basketball basketball three yards: 050715 basketball alone: 07 8+1 combat recommended: 0410142325282930 + 07相关的主题文章: