The 20 Russian pilots exclusive debut was refused with the Russian Military Channel – Sohu T50-ca1290

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  • April 15, 2018
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Exclusive: F 20 Russian pilots to debut shocked with the Russian T50 – Sohu Military Channel Arsenal on November 5th news, this year’s Zhuhai air show foreign flight performance and the successive, four air force in the air at the same time virtuoso. The Russian "Warriors" aerobatic team is the sixth time to participate in the Zhuhai airshow. Russian warrior flying show team is the only one in the world to use heavy fighter aircraft to complete the formation of the single machine and the formation of aerobatic team, each time in Zhuhai air show are impressive, applause. The Russian Air Force "Warriors" performance team and swift aerobatic team has participated in the China Zhuhai airshow, China may be afraid of the audience "tired" and "not satisfied", this year the two team for the first time in Zhuhai "fit", mixed formation flight, to bring a more stunning visual feast to the audience. Two aerobatic team sent their 5 Su 27 heavy fighters and 4 MIG 29 fighters in the air 9 Machine diamond formation, four "swift" aerobatic team of fighters, like a four star, inlaid in the aerobatic team formation. The two teams, with a large gap in weight and size, staged a unique aerial ballet in Zhuhai. Sohu military reporter visited the Russian two flight show lounge, the Russian pilots conducted an interview. Russian pilots said that the Zhuhai air show, the weather is not very good, but when it comes to this year’s weather, they can not help but thumbs up, said the weather is great. The reporter interviewed Russian pilots, China Bayi aerobatic team was the air show, the Russian pilots say they also watch the Bayi aerobatic team, think Bayi aerobatic team performance is very good. The first day at China airshow, f 20 stunning, Russian pilots can not help but for China fighters praise, said this is a great fighter, deserve to give its external appreciation, but they refused to deliver the aircraft with the Russian T50, say "no answer". In the next few days, the warriors will perform a wonderful flight every day. Russia’s two flight performing teams in China under the strange environment of the formation of mixed performances, showing their world-class military technical quality.相关的主题文章: