That day, in the Yangcheng Lake heavy Yuan Temple with hair practice

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  • March 18, 2017
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Yang Cheng lake has a heavy yuan temple.

heavy Yuan Temple was originally called the heavy Xuan temple, was built in the days of the two days of the emperor of Qin Dynasty (AD 503), and Hanshan Temple, etc. at the same time. The Qing Dynasty emperor Kangxi Xuanye of avoiding taboo, "Xuan", "Yuan" is still in use Chongyuan temple. Heavy Yuan Temple was completely destroyed in the cultural revolution. 2003 11 menstrual Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government approved the resumption of reconstruction.

new heavy Yuan Temple is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, the town of Ting Ting Yang Cheng lotus road. Because it is new, covers an area and a large scale, the scenery is also very good.

Yuan Temple was built in 2007, but has been in the expansion, at the beginning of 2016 to build on, again this year to still have a lot of the temple is still under construction.

Compared with

belong to the Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, though not the Chongyuan temple Hanshan Temple like a very special but also with fame spreading far and wide. Heavy Yuan Temple has the country’s ten most, respectively:

one, the country’s highest water Guanyin Pavilion 46 meters

two, the highest indoor Guanyin statue of 33 meters

three, the most important indoor statue of Guanyin bronze 88 tons

four, the Tang Dynasty first article, all fine bell 2.19 meters high

five, the heaviest bronze bell weighs 10 tons

six, the largest copper cavity leather drum diameter of 2.19 meters

seven, the most vivid and most successful Island Guanyin sculpture group

eight, the highest domestic main hall, 38 meters

nine, the largest of the main hall, 2100 square meters

ten, a furnace cast up to a maximum of Guanyin statue of the goddess of mercy of 33 meters, a statue of the goddess of mercy, 3.3 meters, like a statue of six, a total of 33 cm small Guanyin


is a Japanese drama "in 2016 nine on Friday, the handsome monk fell in love with me" is the fire, watching the film children audience have said they also want to go to Japan the temple stay for a few days. It is really not far away, the temple as a beauty also has accommodation for pilgrims or the people longing to Buddhist meditation.

wait until the evening, visitors feel the dispersed, quiet temples have belong to you, here you can find as a tourists never see the beauty.

Yuan Temple has heavy Yuan Temple, and for pilgrims who stay in meditation, this is definitely the masquerade heart repair net;