Thailand Temple Buddha murals play through with iPad actually hidden Doraemon

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  • March 18, 2017
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Thailand Bangkok Temple (Sanpashiu) is ba Xiu by the media as the history of the most fashionable temples, this temple has existed for more than and 700 years while keeping up with the times, attentive visitors found the murals in even the hidden Doraemon cartoon image in the tour process.

Temple beams can be seen on the walls of Doraemon figure, but because the painting is very small, over the years the secret that has not been found in the temple.

14 years ago, the temple renovation, invited a painter named pull, pull in the temple painting for 6 years. Because very much like the cat, she was in the inconspicuous place secretly draw their favorite Doraemon. In the end, the artist could not remember how much he had painted.

painter’s self portrait.

secret temple after exposure did not blame the artist, even generous said: Doraemon in the murals attracted all the children to the temple visit, welcome all interested visitors to find.

Fu Doraemon’s blessing, this position is now a remote temple has become a popular tourist attractions, every day to receive a number of tours from Japan and other countries.

visitors found a Doraemon in the mural, the excitement of a poke actually unconscious action, so it will give the mural damage, so visit civilization to begin from me.

There are not only the Buddha’s reincarnation, but also the symbols of Christianity and Islam in the

temple murals.

many Christian tourists also visit temples.

hand iPad buddha.