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Test of basic skills autelan Webpage Game tomb nine answer as the descendants of the old nine door you know about the life of the old nine door. If you even the basic knowledge necessary for the old nine door are still lacking, to confess their ancestors. At least a few months to cramming knowledge doesn’t go to at least make a living away from home, lost his life for it. In order to test whether they mastered the basic knowledge of some old nine door, old nine door set rules do not answer the examination regularly, so proud day tomb will be such a "nine questions" activities. Of course, the answer is not all about the nine Tomb of knowledge, but also about the history, culture, etc. some gossip can understand the content, whether or not, know more about is not bad. Nine answer Aotian tomb notes of a total of 30, is very simple, to make a choice between A and B, even if the whole cast has either this or that at least 50% of the odds. If you are a little smart will know a bit slow one can follow the crowd, but you have to in the limited time to keep up with the pace, ran to the corresponding option to. There are tens of seconds of buffer time before the start of the event, this moment can be regarded as the descendants of the old nine door party exchange. Weekdays have exchanges not many old nine people, because this test together, pour some college exams to meet only a class feeling. This is not the first question, but it is more targeted a problem. If you are not familiar with the proud day tomb in rule you are likely to be wrong, it should be with the crowd ran just fine. Originally, the world can obtain the dumplings cross currency exchange contributions, you sure do not know? Also not exchanged? It doesn’t matter, just run right. Tomb of the game’s official website in nine questions, each correct answer a question can get 10 points points, can also receive 22500 silver coins. That is to say if the 30 questions correctly, you can have 300 points and 22500*30=675000 silver can take. Speaking of silver, but the proud days of tomb games to enhance skills, strengthen the equipment necessary to a stronger currency, silver also need more. Please listen to fourth questions: Aotian "Tomb notes", Jie Yuhua’s real name? This is a page in the name of a member of old nine door, if you even can not by heart, where can be regarded as the descendants of old nine door? In addition to the 30 questions each answer a question to reward the top ten final answer points game player will get an extra bonus, the proud day Xiaobian game had entered the top ten get 585 thousand experience points and 146 thousand silver award. This is a proud day Tomb Door nine answer the whole process, absent as descendants of old nine door must not escape, the exam. Dangerous arena, own basic skills to test.相关的主题文章: