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  • November 16, 2017
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By tens of millions of dollars in strategic investment layout ofo bicycle travel guide sharing analysts pointed out that the bike sharing type of company, its core is the vehicle barriers of hardware and software development, capital investment brings the scale effect, and the market propaganda brought by the network effect and the entrance effect. Strategic cooperation with drops will undoubtedly enhance the competitiveness of ofo in the above three areas. In addition to the current flow, in the long run, maps, navigation, big data, pricing strategies and other applications and the level of benefits to the ofo more meaningful. With the popularity of shared bicycle platform, many analysts have speculated that aims to do one-stop, diversified travel platform drops will not miss this opportunity. Now, these speculations have been confirmed. September 26th, drip travel announced tens of millions of dollars of strategic investment sharing platform ofo. Didi side said, as part of a future city share drops travel open ecological construction strategy, and ofo will be launched in the travel by technology, big data, mobile operators, ecological experience areas such as the depth of cooperation, the user drops on the platform is expected to directly experience the ofo service. In 2016, the new bike sharing a shared economic force, whether it is ofo’s "small yellow car" or a "orange storm" mobike bicycle, provides convenience for people with short distance travel. Jingwei Chinese partner Xiao Min said that the bike sharing market has a huge potential customer base, with 25 million of the resident population in Beijing, for example, every day, the last three km demand is extremely large. "From the point of view of big travel platform, drops will try investment to expand the product line, all kinds of travel mode in addition, ofo also has some public investment considerations on the inside, sharing the bicycle model is actually in the promotion of a healthy way to travel this imaginative" more than pure profit, global partner Roland Begg Zhang Junyi told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report. The next phenomenal company? This is a small yellow car this year to get fourth investment. Early in February this year, ofo was completed by the Jinsha River venture capital investment led, Oriental Hiromichi with cast the A round of financing. Two months later, ofo was A+ round of financing, two rounds of financing totaling RMB 25 million. September 2nd, ofo won the latitude and longitude of China’s leading investment, Jinsha River, the only hunting capital with tens of millions of dollars to invest in B round of financing. Founded in 2014, ofo is a originated in the campus student entrepreneurship project. In June 2015, the company transformed into a shared platform for the campus, through the mobile Internet technology to optimize the campus bicycle resources, providing a solution to share the bicycle without piles. According to ofo data, ofo has nearly 70 thousand vehicles on the bike sharing, with a total order of more than 15 million, more than 500 thousand orders for the day, providing more than 1 million 500 thousand of the country’s teachers and students travel services. Behind the intensive capital investment is shared by the parties under the tide of economic cycling projects favor. Insiders predict that ofo or Tmall, Taobao, the United States mission, hungry and so on and then a day after a single volume of 1 million trading platform..相关的主题文章: