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  • November 19, 2017
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While the winter has not come, let us go to the lake "waves" – a Sohu tourism "you help me lost, if you can, I want to take you to see the beautiful mountain, to see the beautiful valley…… In this mood, how do people address?" "This interior monologue Natsume yuujinchou" in the fifth season of "hairy monsters", a touch of loneliness and soft warmth, whether you also hit the softest part of the heart? A doomed to the fate of the outcome, is not as good as the beginning and they do not meet each other? But if you meet, please hold TA’s hand tightly, cherish this fate. With TA, draw a boat, go to see the beautiful mountain, beautiful valley…… While you can still look into each other’s eyes, while the winter is yet to come. The summer has passed, but still be long in coming winter in the south. The sun is shining, cool breeze, be neither hot nor cold weather is suitable for travel. Hiking, hiking, driving, hot springs…… Are these traditional ways of travel that have not been of interest to you? It doesn’t matter, we can also draw their own boats, from another angle to see the world! In this Chinese canoe, is still "niche" way to travel in Europe and the United States has already become one of the most popular leisure and sports. The outskirts of the city to Europe any walk over the weekend, it is easy to see the scene: a car a boat tied to a canoe on the roof rack, or his son, or couples, or 35 friends, may also be a person, find rivers, lakes, beaches…… Put down the boat can be put into this most natural travel. Now, we don’t have to go to Europe, Conghua at home can also experience the Liuxi River closest to the natural way to travel! Boating on the river, the blue boat, Qifeng gaan, like a beautiful landscape painting. A combination of mountains and lakes like a fairyland, green lake like God inadvertently drops human tears. The broad waters, flying waterfowl, fish out of water…… Every picture makes you feel relaxed and happy. "To approach nature by rowing, you will be able to come close to heaven, earth, and living things." If you love a person, will take TA to kayaking! With two people rowing boats, look at the two sides of Castle Peak or stretches as Dai, or cliff as cut. Listen to the birds singing, smell fragrant thoroughwort, see each other red smiling face, the heart is not drunk. Gently the boat, carrying two long heart, all the way down to the center of the water. Is so quiet around, as if the whole mountain, the whole water is only belong to the two of you. At this time, those difficult words on weekdays, will quietly from your heart to the lips, riding the wind to TA’s ear. At this moment, your body and mind feel close to you…… The small meow reminder: if you hate a person, take TA to kayaking! Let the sun drying out TA, another cold north wind TA 3/4 dead again!相关的主题文章: