Support micro SD card Galaxy S7 start video – Sohu Technology (video)-norton disk doctor

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  • June 4, 2018
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Support Micro SD card Galaxy S7 to use video technology – Sohu Androidauthority foreign media exposure of the upcoming release of next week’s Galaxy S7, which also includes a 14 second long video. The Galaxy S7 in the video is black, the back uses arc glass, the mobile phone front adopts 2.5D arc glass, metal box, compared to the previous generation, its shape is more mellow. We also noticed that the back of the Galaxy S7 camera has been much smoother than the big bulge of S6, the thickness of the camera is obviously lower than S6, and Galaxy S7 also supports the expansion of Micro SD card. In addition, the external media Androidauthority confirms some parameters of the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 to IP67 dustproof water discharge level, 12 million pixel camera, 2800mAh battery, and support Micro SD card expansion, in addition, it really does not match the USB Type-C interface.

支持Micro SD卡 Galaxy S7上手视频-搜狐科技   外媒Androidauthority曝光了即将在下个星期发布的Galaxy S7真机,其中还包括一段14秒长的小视频。该视频中的Galaxy S7为黑色,背部采用弧形玻璃,手机正面采用了2.5D弧形玻璃,金属中框,相比于上一代而言,它的造型更加圆润。   我们也留意到,Galaxy S7背部的摄像头相比于S6的大凸起,已经平滑了很多,摄像头的厚度明显低于S6,而且Galaxy S7还支持Micro SD卡扩展。   另外外媒Androidauthority确认了Galaxy S7的部分参数,Galaxy S7达到IP67防尘放水级别,1200万像素摄像头,2800mAh电池,以及支持Micro SD卡扩展,另外它真的没有搭配USB Type-C接口。相关的主题文章: