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  • April 15, 2018
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Sun Zhongshan and Wuhan: Centennial conception – Beijing, realize one by one in Wuhan in November 1 Xinhua News Agency: Sun Zhongshan and Wuhan: Centennial idea realize one by one News Agency reporter Zhang Qin the end of this year, after two years of transformation of Wuhan Zhongshan Avenue will be closed, "?" the old man get back, reproduce the mouth style and 100 years old. Commercial downtown. Located in downtown Hankou and Shouyi square of the statue of Sun Zhongshan, with the first Sun Zhongshan and his wife Song Qingling, named after the Chinese sculpture of the Zhongshan Park, the modern history of a ship Zhongshan ship Zhongshan ship museum…… In the towns of Wuhan historical sites, make the city full of "Zhongshan" memory. Wuhan is deeply in love with Mr. Sun Zhongshan. Today, the construction and development of Wuhan, also has a close relationship with Sun Zhongshan. The first visit to the city of righteousness in 1911, Sun Zhongshan under the leadership of the Revolutionary Party of Hubei people in Wuchang started the revolution of the first gun, which overthrew the feudal monarchy China for two thousand years. The historian, said Professor Feng Tianyu of Wuhan University, Sun Zhongshan released in January 1, 1912 "provisional president of the Republic of China declaration" clearly said: "Wuhan uprising, ten provinces successively independently." Wuhan is called the city of righteousness". Snake Mountain in Wuchang south of the north of Yuemachang, stands a bronze statue of Sun Zhongshan casting in 1931. The statue sits behind a two storey red building, Wuhan affectionately called "red". Here was the site of the military government of the Wuchang uprising, the Wuchang uprising of 1911 revolution memorial hall. A picture of the memorial hall hanging, reflecting the April 1912 visit to the kingdom of Sun Zhongshan during the welcome from all walks of life. According to historical records, the first line of justice is Sun Zhongshan’s second visit to Wuhan, is also the longest stay in Wuhan. The 1911 Revolution the following year, Hubei governor Li Yuanhong should be invited, Sun Zhongshan came to the "heart long relaxation" in Wuhan, and delivered a speech in the "Red Chamber", and the relationship between the Republic and the national authorities, the reason why he and I resigned from the president. In Wuhan 4 days later, Sun Zhongshan visited Taiwan krewell, visit Peng Liu Yang Three martyrs martyrdom; the south tower, Pinghu, on the Yangtze River, overlooking the city of Hanyang after the battle; the battle of the battlefield Memorial Yang Xia, the proposed reconstruction of the arsenal; visited the British concession, exploration is the burning ruins of the Hankou market…… They are warmly welcomed by the people of Wuhan. "Sun Zhongshan’s trip to Wuhan is to pay homage to the 1911 Revolution martyrs, and suffered greatly from the war of the local people to comfort." Wuhan Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zhang Duqin introduced in Hankou, Sun Zhongshan saw the burned ruins along the streets, buildings, look sad, determined to raise funds for reconstruction of Hankou; see Hanyang Arsenal suffered serious damage in the war, in two or three years will be instructed to quickly start the device equipped. Outline the blueprint for the start of the reconstruction of Hankou, Sun Zhongshan in the "Founding of the people’s Republic of China," the "industrial plan" designed to build a blueprint for the modernization of Wuhan laid the foundation. On the construction and development of Wuhan, Sun Zhongshan has a set of ideas. "The biggest of the world相关的主题文章: