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Baseball The success enjoyed by the St. Louis Cardinals no doubt has fuelled the upsurge in St. Louis Cardinals merchandise and memorabilia . Even Cardinals Jersey sales are up significantly. The first decade of the new millennium seems to be one that is destined to be a memorable one for the St. Louise Cardinals. After a not so insignificant absence in the winners column in Major League baseball, the Cards, led by Albert Pujols, has won the National League Central division in six of seven years. They even recorded 105 wins in one season (in 2004) for the best record in baseball, and that year defeated the Dodgers in the NLDS and the Houston Astros in a seven game NLCS to book their ticket to the 2004 World Series, where they were sadly swept by the eventual champs, the Boston Red Sox. The Cardinals continued their winning ways in the regular season the following year, winning 100 games and another Central Division title , but lost to the Astros in the NLCS. Finally, the breakthrough came when they moved to the new Busch Stadium in 2006. The Cardinals defeated the San Diego Padres in the NLDS, the New York Mets in a seven game series in the NLCS, and won the 2006 World Series, against the Detroit Tigers. That World Series win was the franchise’s tenth World Series title. St. Louis Cardinals Team History The St. Louis Cardinals, also referred to as the Cards and Redbirds are one of the most successful franchises in league history. The team holds the National League record for most World Series wins at 10 total World Series championships. That total is second only to the New York Yankees with 26. The franchise was founded in 1882 as the St. Louis Brown Stockings, making it the oldest current professional sports franchise west of the Mississippi. They joined the National League in 1892 and took the moniker Cardinals in 1900. Before moving to the New Busch Stadium, the Cards were only one of the few remaining teams that played in a non-modern baseball venue. That changed in 2006 when the moved to the New Busch Stadium. That was on hindsight a great year as it was only the second time that a team moved into a new stadium and then won the World Series that same year. Their winning tradition is why the team has such a loyal and avid fan base , which primarily accounts for the upsurge in Cards merchandise sales any time they have a great season. And since they are having by all accounts a great decade, the team has consistently been selling team merchandise at a high rate. St. Louis Cardinals Memorabilia One of the consistent best sellers amongst all St. Louis Cardinals related merchandise is the team memorabilia. With so many great moments this past decade, and so many notable players, it is but natural for the market to respond, making Cardinals memorabilia a hot category for fans and especially avid collectors. Among the best selling items include an Albert Pujols’ 2008 N.L. MVP 24KT Gold & Infield Dirt Coin Photo Mint. Having this limited edition framed item mounted on your wall will surely make any Redbird fan green with envy. There are also limited edition coin mints, for those interested in collecting special edition coins. One notable example would be the Cardinals 24kt Gold & Infield Dirt 3 Coin Set. This set of three rare and valuable coins is valuable now, but wait about a decade or so and it will probably double if not triple in value. One of the most popular in the memorabilia section is the St. Louis Cardinals 10 Time World Series Champions Photo Mint an item that celebrates the teams greatest achievement of putting together 10 World Series championships throughout the length of their history. For something of more recent vintage, theres the St. Louis Cardinals 2006 World Series Champs Mega Mint with Three 24kt Gold Coins. What makes these memorabilia items a major draw is the fact that they not only look good on display, they appreciate in value and are thus investments rather than just simple trinkets as other merchandise are. St. Louis Cardinals Jerseys And of course, when a team makes a deep push into the playoffs, its the players who really do all the work. Fans show their appreciation for the players by wearing replica jerseys of the favorite players. Due to their run of great seasons this decade, the jerseys of the St. Louis Cardinals sell like hotcakes. They are so popular in fact that the team even has St. Louis Cardinals Infant Replica Jerseys for sale. Proud parents just cant wait for their kids to grow to share their love for the team so they condition the kids minds at an early age. Its not uncommon to see a baby sporting an Albert Pujols Toddler Replica Jersey at the stadium during game days. Another jersey that is popular with the fans is the St. Louis Cardinals Cooperstown Throwback Replica Jersey. Throwbacks are gaining in popularity a nod by the current generation to the heroes of the past, and an indication that the sport is being appreciated in its entirety and not just in the moment. Other jerseys available include Youth Replica Jerseys, Kids Replica Jersey, Road Grey Replica Jerseys, an even St. Louis Cardinals Personalized Replica Jersey with your name on it! 相关的主题文章: