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  • April 20, 2018
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Soros revealed why this mailbox is black media choose to do "zhengyanxia – Sohu Financial Review: DCLeaks website leaked information about Soros recently. The content is thrilling, involving Soros how to use their capital and large manipulation of the political situation at home and abroad. However, the mainstream media in the United States chose to turn a blind eye to the news. Previously, the DCLeaks website broke this file, its content is about a big event for the super rich how to use his money to influence European elections, extreme organizational guarantee, and influence the judgment and so on is shocked by the Supreme court. However, did not mention the matter about a tiny bit of information on the mainstream media in the United states. The well-known blog zero hedge pointed out that if the event is the protagonist of billionaire Soros, I’m afraid about this bid is already flying. So why the mainstream media on the matter that is indifferent, the content is too boring or is of little importance? Obviously not. On the contrary, the content is almost unexpected. One of them refers to how Soros used his numerous institutions to try to manipulate the European Parliament elections in 2014. In a separate document, Soros was exposed to how to throw $4 million to support anti Israel groups in an attempt to challenge Israel’s policy of racial discrimination and non democracy. In the United States, Soros also by way of affecting the country spend money like water. As a far left, Mr Soros has led a campaign against the conservative party by offering $200 thousand to the American political center. In addition, a October 2015 document shows that Soros’s open society foundation provided $650 thousand worth of aid and support to the core group of the black movement. At the same time, the organization has also used its vast social network to put pressure on the Obama administration to raise the number of refugees to 100 thousand, while ignoring the possibility that terrorists could flow into the United states. Soros also tried to persuade the U.S. Supreme Court through its influence to rebuild immigration law by Obama proposal. Soros has also been trying to fundamentally change the electoral system in the United States, plans to increase the number of voters in the United States 10 million. According to leaked documents published on the site, Soros to overthrow the state voter registration law to pay the high cost of litigation. And his efforts were not in vain, 1 years after the opening of the board of directors of the New York foundation, California took an unprecedented step. California began to sign up for every voter without a driver’s license or identification, unless the voter chose not to register. The following is the Losangeles Times reported: "when people go to the vehicle administration bureau to apply for or update their driver’s license, or to apply for state identity documents, they will be registered in the name and date of birth and other basic information. In addition, the reporter will be confirmed whether the right to vote and whether to choose not to vote. Do not refuse the registration public information will be transferred to the state from the DMV office. Where the citizen’s information will be verified and added to the electoral roll." .相关的主题文章: