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Small science: ceramic tile paving should be how to keep the gap? Most people know that tile paving need to keep the gap, but many people are not very clear how to leave the gap tiling. Here, Xiaobian talk about construction method of tile seam and pointing the standard. ?? Seam standard to "brick" vary?? 1, the wall tile gap size?? in fact, the seam is not a fixed standard, kitchen wall seam size generally should be around 1-1.5mm, not less than 1mm, can use nails, blade or gas bags to serve as a reference. Special effects can also widen the gap, such as 5mm, such as some of the antique brick or external wall tiles, balcony brick to leave wide seam is better. ?? 2, ground tile gap size?? tile seam is due to the "brick" varies as the tiles around 1.5-2mm, polished 3mm, 2-3mm tiles, antique brick is about 5mm. Consumers at the time of purchase, please pay attention to Tao off, should ask the sales business for the variety of special cross locator (width 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, etc.), in order to ensure tile seam straight, uniform size. The size of the gap is mainly to see the edge of the floor tiles are straight or round edge, straight edge can be left a small gap, the edge of the need to stay big gap. If it is a mosaic of different specifications, leaving the need for a larger number of. ?? The construction process of tile pointing?? 1, pointing tool ready?? tile pointing before processing, need to prepare construction tools. The general construction tools including caulking gun, pliers, paper cutter, waste paper, cloth. ?? 2, pointing agent steps?? the pointing agent discharging mouth off, scraping off, will head off with pliers clip, and then install a discharging nozzle with a paper knife along the rough ribs of the material cut into 45 degrees slope angle, width and discharge nozzle width remain basically the same, with a discharge nozzle can lie in the gap is appropriate. ?? 3, construction method?? will a glue gun pointing agent, slowly force the material evenly coated on the seam, painted a good one as soon as possible after using the squeegee will sew the materials timely evenly scraped, reach the surface smooth and shiny as well, scraping when trying not to let the grout overflow brick joint external. In the process of scraping, if there is a material overflow seam, do not need to pay attention to, can be filled in 24 hours after the completion of the construction, with a paper knife gently scoop up the overflow material. Welcome to Tao guest. Use cloth dipped in a little acetone or solvent oil to remove accidentally drops on the ground pointing agent. ?? 5, note?? 1, before the tile, tile gap should be clean, try to use the brush to sweep the dust, but also can not have water gap. ?? 2, fill in the sealant, sealant can also be used along the finger sliding finger extrusion, to fill gaps and smooth. ?? The above content is about the introduction of the construction method of tile seam standard and tile pointing, I hope everyone can help to understand tile seam paving, paving tile work supervision.相关的主题文章: