Small daughter Xu and third sister I have no quarrel with you – in new

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  • April 16, 2018
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S daughter Xu and third sister: I have no quarrel with your fans – Beijing, Beijing, August 30, according to the Taiwan news, "China times" s (Xu Xidi) has 3 daughters, Lily and Xu Xu babes third, remove the "Kangxi" presided over the bar after the center return to family life often, interact and share with your family, many of which is especially welcome friends old nonsense reaction. The day before she accepted magazine interview, mention the home of 3 daughter quarrel, Xu Laosan and her sisters would say "I have fans you have, so deep breath, and timely correct the concept of daughter. S day before for Hongkong "ELLE" magazine cover shoot, the old Xu revealed deep loved by the users of a thing, feel very surprised, but also fear it will let the child have pride, admitted because of small daughter, for a period of time before a child, for a long time not to hold the baby, only special preference a third, and took many films for her daughter, "and her own personality somehow special sense of humour, many people love her is rather baffling." However, little later found Xu’s heart began to become old and heavy, and an example: for example, the three sisters quarrel, she (Xu third) will be with my sister said, I have no fan of you." To this end, she took a deep breath, and revealed that it is now appropriate to correct the idea of a little girl, tell each other, baby, there is a fan of the mother’s relationship." In addition, although previously revealed with 3 small daughters together for the film debut, "Finding Nemo 2: where is the dolly? "The voice, but this is not to let her daughter into the entertainment circle, but worried that her daughter did not come, hand feeling is not necessary, and joked that" if she grew up suddenly not red, there are red alcohol when I cry, and then unable to get up after a fall… So I can not bear." I just want to be a superstar, I don’t want to be a mom.相关的主题文章: