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Small advantage to play a large role in the grassroots – language, vision, knowledge, cooperation…… These returnees have talent, often can become the most fundamental strength of civil diplomacy. August 16th, the United States and the United States will be held in Beijing, the British branch forum, stressed the need to assume the responsibility to achieve the Chinese dream to the advantage of returnees, play a big role. Liu Zhiqiang Tu folk diplomacy full advantage of Chen Hao from the Chinese Academy of Sciences ecological environment research center. He said: "we often say that returnees should play the important role of civil diplomacy, but like us older returnees, has returned home for many years, then the chance of going abroad is relatively small, how to play this role? This reminds me of the WeChat group. About half of my college classmates, WeChat, live and work abroad. Through communication with them, I found that those who have developed in the past to foreign countries on the development and the status quo has been very strange, and there are a lot of prejudice and prejudice, which is related to misleading foreign media. So I think it is necessary to introduce them to the domestic development and status quo." He said that through the WeChat group, WeChat public numbers, micro-blog and other ways to put the facts, to the development of China’s statistical data speak, tell them the real situation of China’s social development. In the civil diplomacy, even if some people have retired, still can play waste heat. Ma Qi served in the United Nations Development Program in China representative office. She said: "although I have to stay at home, but also can do a lot of folk diplomacy. Sometimes when I go out to travel, I meet foreigners, I will use their own language advantage to help them, to introduce them to china. They asked me what I was doing, and I said I was a housewife. Foreigners are very surprised to say that now China’s family women are so powerful. It makes me proud and proud. I think as a Chinese, emboldened enough. I will also come into contact with some of the young people to go abroad to study and some artists, they do not have a heart when dealing with foreigners. At this time, I will combine their early work experience, give them some suggestions to encourage them to communicate with foreigners confidently." Go to the grassroots level to play a greater role Zhang Yu worked in National School of Administration press. She said: "some time ago, I just went to some countries in northern Europe, found that most people do not understand china. They only know Chinese, China is far away from them. Returnees have the advantages of language and vision, but also the cultural self-confidence, so the conditions to the general public to contact the introduction of Chinese culture and the development of Chinese society." Culture is the foundation of the nation, folk cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries is the mission entrusted by the times. The returned students, should be up and down, sophisticated high-tech work can do ordinary work base to do." Chen Hao said, in fact, the basic needs of our students are very large. So, I urge you to go to the grassroots, do some real work. Sometimes, at the grassroots level to play a greater role." It is understood that engaged in health"相关的主题文章: