Sichuan, Yibin, a place in March, 4 dogs fall dead neighborhood questioned dog owners dog abuse lightscape

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  • November 16, 2017
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Sichuan Yibin a place in March 4 fall dead dog dog owners questioned neighborhood dog abuse – Beijing in September 7th and September 9th, Sichuan Province, Jiang’an County West of Yibin city is four street facade, has dropped two medium sized, almost hit people, the dogs were killed on the spot. The residents remember that four dogs had been killed in the same place in the next three months, so they questioned the dog owners in the building. The place is located in Jiangan World Square Garden (also called Luyuan District). As early as July 1st in the early morning of 7 am, Ms. Liu came here on the floor encountered the dog off, when I went downstairs, the dog suddenly fell in front of me, less than one meter away from me." Liu did not expect is that ten days after the upstairs and fell a dog, the dog basically wiped her body down, scared her screaming on the spot. Unexpectedly, in September there have been two falling dog incident. Chengdu Daily reporter visited after that, the dog owner is a young nurse in a hospital in the seven floor of the Miss Xiao jiang. At the top of the building, Miss Shaw built a metal fence to prevent the dog from escaping, there are two left behind the dog chain. Miss Xiao told the Chengdu Daily reporter, she is the only child in her family last year, changes in home, parents are away from her, she raised the first golden diamond bitch. In December last year and in April this year, her boyfriend bought her two dogs. "I like dogs very much, and they have deep feelings." Miss Xiao said, because of her work in the hospital, and therefore, the day basically no one to take care of dogs. Some time ago the female diamond estrus, emotional changes, often bite peace and blossoming, she will be safe and the shut in the roof, but later discovered that two dogs are dead. Miss Xiao said, there are three dogs in her home, really fall two killed, but the other two dead dog, she did not know. The dog may be her analysis: jumped on the sloping top after the accident falls down. After the reporter field survey found that the roof does have a slope of more than 45 degrees oblique roof. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Luo Min相关的主题文章: