Sichuan high school campus, shallow fresh summer solstice first exposure stills (video) acbel

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  • November 15, 2017
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Sichuan high school campus, shallow fresh "summer solstice" first exposure stills "summer solstice" Chen winter Zheng Shuang interpretation of campus story 80 entertainment news by Huace Hatton Tencent’s syndicated film produced, Guo Jingming served as artistic director of the Youth Drama blockbuster "summer solstice" is currently in an orderly shooting. Fu Xiaosi, Lu, Lixia Zhiang classmate of friendship, green campus events will be opened in September 1st, on the occasion of the opening, TV drama "summer solstice" first exposure three starring stills, fresh, simple and elegant temperament of the campus is that they are all looking in the memory of young asakawa. The 9.1 day school offering stills akawasa campus in September 1st early exposure to fresh human exposure stills, as Fu Xiaosi Chen Xuedong to sit at the easel, hands gently holding a pencil, like in thinking about how to put pen to paper, empty eyes slightly just fit described in Fu Xiaosi’s book, "the man with the round his eyes the fog dispersed". Zheng Shuang’s style is more pure ignorant, ears short hair collocation white uniform, soft and tender as rose chaste, is under the pen of Guo Jingming "like a crystal" summer solstice in the summer, is every girl true and beautiful appearance. Bai Jingting stills, he confidently than a V gesture, a face smile will land Zhiang fun loving personality will undoubtedly show, he is the fans hearts of little sun, Fu Xiaosi, summer the most intimate guardian. The bell of the new semester, the new students in the middle school entrance admission, their story will be in this fresh campus slowly. TV drama "summer solstice" boot for a while, the first to be long in coming from fans not negative and bitter, "the degree of reduction in the book out of sincerity level full. Drama "Asakawa Mitsumi" super big change for the first time in de Huan although exposure stills, Fu Xiaosi, Lu Zhiang is the beginning of summer, "the boys like oxygen, but the girl" in the movie but they change Guo Jingming sad temperament, turned off, like love from black "Asakawa Mitsumi". The Qixi Festival earlier on the occasion, Chen Xuedong worked at micro-blog PO a he and Zheng Shuang, Bai Jingting selfies, Yan value up to 120 points of beauty will be P into the slit eyes, mango gills, sausage mouth funny image, makeup brilliant purples and reds is convulsed, and with a nice Valentine’s talent section… We went to the reading of the piece from the black copy, without limit the attitude of the fans of this edition of Fu Xiaosi, the beginning of summer, Zhiang produced a new understanding of land. In the play the warm injury, Xiwai funny than de Huan, "you actually like Asakawa Mitsumi", "cast toxic" triggered netizens hot. Today the fresh and beautiful three stills exposure, beautiful uniforms, ultra high degree of reduction has again aroused the audience for shallow Sichuan, summer solstice, campus, classroom memories, also it is more looking forward to "TV drama" the arrival of the summer solstice.相关的主题文章: