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"Sherlock Hawthorne" Prague green Chinese detective turned out to the Tencent entertainment known as Fantasy Fashion detective film "Sherlock Hawthorne" recently in Prague comprehensive fixing. This is the "gold partner" said the director and producer Zhou Xianyang and famous producer and screenwriter Du Zhilang following the "killer", "hunt", "Huang Feihong" after a dream hero again in the new work, which brings together Han Geng, Yin Zheng and several other young high altar Yan value shadow forces acting Guo Xiaodong, Feng Jiayi, Law Ka Ying, and many other actors, Yu Yang is a 2017 year team, one of the highly anticipated Chinese film. Keep the mysterious low-key color "Sherlock Hawthorne" from Shanghai starting up, finally exposed in the occasion of the other star fixing. Prague’s exotic style and the perfect combination of fashion retro fashion, so that director Zhou Xianyang advocated in this piece of New Oriental Aesthetics fully demonstrated. One hundred years of detective in Prague was activation of Zhou Xianyang to create "Chinese first detective" Sherlock Hawthorne "adapted from over a hundred years of history, in the heart of the detective novel many high status" Sherlock Hawthorne ". The original picture is a hundred years ago the first Chinese detective Hawthorne and good partner to pack Lang repeatedly breaking mystery extraordinary legend. Director Zhou Xianyang in the creation of the road has been unusual way to go before the "hunt", "Huang Feihong" has a dream hero of the new ideas and creative exceeding all expectations, let a person shine at the moment. This time for the activation of a hundred years ago, the mysterious "first Chinese detective, Zhou Xianyang first thought is to break the time. "I was very excited when I saw the theme of Hawthorne, a hundred years ago, we already have our own detective, which is worth the audience to understand a story. I took a year to write the script, because I don’t want you to see just a hundred years ago, a simple reduction, I hope this figure with the current audience communication more smooth." In order to increase the audience’s sense of freshness, director Zhou Xianyang overhead "detective Hawthorne," the background of time and space, to create a place called "golden city". In order to make the city of gold is not associated with any other film and television works are "similar", he decided all filming in Prague. In the first exposure of the stills, can already feel European castle and the Chinese first boiled with wonderful chemical reaction, Zhou Xianyang said: "I hope that the audience in the movie, will feel the city of gold is a mysterious corner of the world, it is a rich, good-looking and fashionable." Detective Han Geng Yin Zheng + partner new classic modern style first exposure in the "Sherlock Hawthorne" at the beginning of the preparations, who played the first Chinese detective has been a lot of legends. In Zhou Xianyang’s view, Han Geng is the most suitable candidate for this role, I hope to make the overall younger, and the combination of Han Geng, Yin Zheng, I can imagine the world of this young detective." In the exposure of the stills, the overall combination of younger brighten. Retro fashion style, let each stills have modern fashion blockbusters that visual sense. Han Geng’s style is like the "tide" of the best interpretation of the self-confidence and trendy; and slightly exaggerated sense of the shape of the Yin Zheng revealed a dramatic tension.相关的主题文章: