Shenyang North South Expressway Viaduct receives 12 heavyweight examiners-baxia

Shenyang North South Expressway Viaduct ushered in the 12 heavyweight "Examiner" in September 21st, unity Road North and south of the Shenyang Expressway Viaduct to Wanghua overpass section welcomed a group of special examiner, large trucks 35 tons per vehicle weighing, a total of 12, according to the specific sequence of loading on the bridge, the viaduct are static and dynamic load test, and the establishment of electronic files of the bridge. At the test site, 12 trucks loaded with earth and stone and other heavy loads were transported to the bridge in batches and parked in the specified part of the bridge as required. When the heavy load vehicle is on the bridge, the vibration sense of the bridge is obvious. The upper structure of viaduct adopts two structural forms of prestressed concrete continuous box girder and steel box girder. The static and dynamic load tests of the bridge are carried out respectively to check whether the force state of the bridge structure meets the design expectation under the actual working condition, which is the most direct and effective way to test the bridge performance and working state. Shenyang Municipal Construction Committee project office responsible person, static load test will continue for more than 3 hours. According to reports, tests were arranged 24 strain sensors and 14 displacement sensors, these sensors like "Stethoscope", "beat of each bridge in the truck when driving the meridian point" real-time monitoring, direct observation of the key parts of the bridge all the stress and deformation state. After the static load test, the bridge has been tested dynamically. The dynamic test mainly tests the structural dynamic parameters such as the natural frequency and impact coefficient of the bridge, mainly including the pulsating test and the barrier free driving test. In the fluctuation test deck without any nearby traffic load and bridge site irregular source under the condition of high sensitivity through dynamic testing system for the determination of wind load at the bridge site, flow pulsation, random excitation caused by micro vibration of a bridge structure response, natural frequency measured structure. The barrier free driving test, heavy vehicles will pass through the bridge at different speeds, the vibration signal in the vehicle record under the excitation of each measured by the sensor, the test in the structure under the running state of the forced vibration characteristics, comprehensive parameters of bridge structure dynamic characteristics and the interaction of the whole.