She is the meteor garden 2 of the leaves, has become a wife (video)

She is the "meteor garden" 2 leaf Shakespeare, is now a reunion with Jackie Lui temperament younger wife Qin Ji Michelle Saram in Singapore film and television Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media news "cloud" reported on September 6th, the year of "meteor garden" 2 steps to hold red Jerry Yan, Zhou Yumin, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and other F4 male gods at the same time, also held the red in "meteor garden 2" to play the female lead No. 2 "leaf Shakespeare" of Michelle Saram, the day before she appeared in Hongkong to watch the Aaron Kwok concert, and share with the Kwok photo on Instagram, let the fans shocked Michelle Saram from that beautiful and cheerful little girl into a 41 year old wife. Michelle Saram from Singapore with a bronzed skin, with chiseled face, a pair of big eyes like elves, in 2002 2 "meteor garden" plays "corner of a leaf, in the play she had unknowingly become involved in the middle of the two characters" small three "superb acting now still deeply rooted in people’s mind. She debuted the first advertising will cooperate with Aaron Kwok, now 41 years old, she also appeared in Hongkong, the day before the Coliseum, in each other’s concert, and in 5 shared a photo of the two men in the Instagram, many Hongkong people evoke memories of youth. The weird "leaves of Shakespeare" Michelle Saram now stood beside Aaron Kwok, after more than 10 years, well maintained her face, almost do not see traces of the years, wearing a black and white suit, with long hair, looks like a strong woman, equal temperament. She said: "very happy to see you again in 19 years! Congratulations to Aaron Kwok and his team for such a wonderful performance!" She publicly admitted in 2010 married, her husband is rich in the two generation of the hotel group, after marriage gradually fade in the art circle, until recently appeared in Aaron Kwok concert, only to arouse everyone’s memory.相关的主题文章: