Shakespeare appeared in Beijing – Entertainment Sohu uproarious absurd interpretation-sweets parade

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  • April 15, 2018
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"The complete works of Shakespeare" absurd interpretation debut in Beijing – Sohu stills creative entertainment uproarious days ago in London, running for 9 years, known as the "London show the longest" original absurd comedy "the complete works of Shakespeare (condensed version)" will be landing in Beijing in November 25, 2016, 26, performed in Beijing bridge art center. It is understood that the play will be concentrated by Shakespeare company (Reduced Shakespeare Company, "RSC") will show the original flavor, this is also the show following 2014 was awarded at the Wuzhen Drama Festival, debut in Beijing. Wuzhen Drama Festival fame first appeared in Beijing in 2014, the original "the complete works of Shakespeare (condensed version)" as the second Wuzhen drama festival grand debut, staged in 450 Savon selected "night. After the performance of the play, it was highly praised by the audience and the theater. Critics of "the first" family ship spoke highly of the play, he said "I love them the bad effort on micro-blog, their interactivity, this is the first drama festival." There are also the audience in the said: "this is the first time ever to buy a ticket for standing room, 97 minutes, standing for the whole do not feel tired, the performance is really astonishing, shocking, exciting, unforgettable." The day before the 2016 Wuzhen Drama Festival is coming to an end, the play will be taking over for the Beijing Drama Festival, drama lovers show this classic. 97 minutes 37 Shakespeare absurd Humor Interpretation it is understood that "the complete works of Shakespeare (condensed version)" this absurd comedy by Shakespeare company (Reduced Shakespeare concentration Company) cast DEDECATES staged the play in London standard theatre in central London (Criterion Theatre) running for 9 years, is the longest gig in London drama, run length and even more than the works of Webb. "London Times" had commented on the show "brilliant, endless joy! "Today’s show" says, "whether you like Shakespeare or not, you will fall in love with the show". It is worth mentioning that the play will be a lifetime of Shakespeare’s 37 Works in tandem, in 97 minutes, with a new way of interpretation of the interpretation of Shakespeare. In the play, the three actors in the fast changing, the role of each string, singing, dance, drama, melting in a body, Shakespeare works presented one by one, see Shakespeare’s life.相关的主题文章: