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Seventy patients died of diabetic diarrhea hospital Pipan Pei 350 thousand original title: diarrhea died in hospital was sentenced to pay 350 thousand Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) 72 year old diabetic patients with diarrhea Yemou to the hospital, was diagnosed as enteritis". However, the next day symptoms, send a doctor died a week later. The cause of death was defined as diabetic hyperosmolar coma. Because of that hospital due to improper patient death, his wife and two sons ye Beijing Hepingli hospital and An Zhen Hospital of Beijing court. After the first instance verdict Hepingli hospital compensation of more than 35 yuan, the hospital appealed. But the second city court of final appeal upheld. The prosecution said Yemou Yemou families, suffering from diabetes for 20 years. In October 1, 2013, he suffered from diarrhea to Hepingli hospital for treatment, doctors prescribe drugs and oral will go home. Because the symptoms were improved, more than 10 points that night, Yemou once again to the hospital, was diagnosed as enteritis". The next day at noon, because of vomiting, diarrhea, fever Yemou, delirious call Beijing Emergency Center, doctors examination confirmed the diagnosis of diabetes, hyperosmolar coma and other diseases, and sent to the An Zhen Hospital of Beijing. On 8 may, Yemou died. An Zhen Hospital to determine the cause of death in patients with diabetic hyperosmolar coma. Family believes that the Hepingli hospital illegal treatment in patients with diabetic hyperosmolar coma caused due to improper treatment, An Zhen Hospital patients died, so the two compensation for medical expenses, death compensation and moral damages solatium total of more than 38 yuan. Trial, the lawsuit was changed to require the Hepingli hospital compensation 42 yuan. In this regard, the two hospitals are considered to be no fault of the diagnosis and treatment of patients. In the first instance, the court commissioned forensic expertise for the existence of medical negligence, cause and effect, and the degree of fault of the two defendants. The final appraisal opinion is that there are some mistakes in the diagnosis and treatment of Hepingli hospital, and there is a causal relationship between the consequences of the death of the patients. Accordingly, a trial at Hepingli hospital 358 thousand yuan compensation for the plaintiff after the appeals court of cassation. In the second trial, the second city court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: