Security Council of the State Council to inspect the safety of 8 provinces the discovery of more

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  • April 16, 2018
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The safety committee of the State Council in 8 provinces: production safety inspections found hidden over 1000 – Beijing, Beijing, August 25, according to the work safety administration website news, in mid May to the end of June, the 8 Committee of the State Council inspection teams to 8 provinces of Tianjin, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan (area, city) government and the production safety inspection, check the extension of 42 city (state), 94 counties (District) government and enterprises (241 places), found all kinds of problems 1122, reported the masses of information 1410, to the local government transfer of 23 clues of proposed corrective measures proposed 42. According to reports, the inspection work has four main characteristics: one is the State Security Committee Office to develop inspection plan, special inspection group held a mobilization meeting, organize all the comrades of the important instructions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council leaders to learn the spirit of the instructions, ahead of time to learn the relevant documents of inspection related area. Two members of the Security Council of the State Council sent 8 units in recent years to withdraw from the leadership of the old comrades and cadres to participate in the inspection of the 17 units in the last few years. Saws selection expert 53, timely summary of the inspection work group scheduling. Three inspection teams focus on the implementation of the provincial government to implement the central decision-making arrangements, inspection of the effectiveness of the provincial government. The four is the inspection group generally take to attend meetings, local party accepted social reporting, investigation, on-site supervision of the accident with local government leaders of individual speech, widely exchange way to carry out the work. According to reports, after the State Council Security Council member units and the joint efforts of the inspection team, the first production safety inspections achieved good results. First, a comprehensive inspection of the implementation of safety responsibility. 8 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Party committees and governments as well as most city and county Party committee and government and enterprises attach great importance to production safety work, implement the central leading comrades important instructions on safe production of the spirit of resolute attitude, quick action, earnestly fulfill the responsibility of production safety. Two is the system combing the problems of safety production. The inspection group found that 8 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) are part of the grass-roots government and enterprise safety responsibility may not be implemented, production safety supervision system is not perfect, production safety law construction is lagging behind, chemical, mining, transportation, construction and other high-risk industries and city operation and other crowded places still there is a big security risk production safety, progress of information technology, hidden investigation and management system and technology of security engineering construction is slow, occupation health work has an important position and other issues. Three is to find a summary of the experience of a number of safety practices. Such as the implementation of the Shanxi 110 thousand key enterprises in the implementation of the legal representative of the production safety commitment system, accept social supervision. Tianjin enacted the implementation of the main responsibility for the implementation of the measures, the provisions of the 18 main responsibility for the specific content of the enterprise. Guangdong increased nearly 10 thousand full-time safety officer at the grassroots level. Guizhou promulgated and implemented the "Guizhou province construction quality and safety supervision regulations". Hunan 18 counties (districts, cities) out of the coal industry. Jiangsu security investment amounted to 1 billion 500 million yuan. The Guangxi production safety knowledge included in the party and government leading cadres transferring.相关的主题文章: