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SAIC GM Wuling Baojun three times: encounter bottleneck – Sohu owned by SGMW auto channel advantages, along with competition in recent years and the gradual loss of channel dropping. As the advantages in the SGMW 456 line market in recent years, many car companies have through two outlets, rural liaison stations and other forms of continuous dropping. August is the SAIC GM Wuling sales fell for third consecutive months. This is the study of many independent brands Star car prices, over the years have not encountered the situation. Facing the SGMW problem is very serious. According to Automotive Industry Association statistics, in August this year, SAIC GM Wuling (SGMW) cumulative sales of 145180 vehicles, down 4.7% last year. In June this year, SGMW a total of 130 thousand new car sales, down from last year’s 148 thousand of 12%. July, SGMW sales of 126 thousand and 100 units, down by 1.2%. SGMW sales decline is caused by the mini car market shrinking in recent years, micro average more than 10% decline, leading to occupy 65% market share of the mini car sales fell SGMW. But another concern is that, from 2010 began to enter the passenger car, with the timely upgrade of the consumer SGMW transformation, although the rapid growth of passenger cars, but did not increase production. This is a long-term development of car prices, may need to reflect on the business model errors. SAIC released report shows that although the first half of this year, SAIC GM Wuling sold more than 1 million 10 thousand vehicles, an increase of 2.7%, but compared with the same period last year net profit fell 1.7 percentage points. In recent years, from the main brands have to go high-end, breaking the original low-end positioning, have achieved sales and profits double harvest. Transformation from commercial vehicles to passenger cars, did not bring profit growth to SGMW. Low price model to snatch market overall SGMW sales decline is mainly caused by the mini car market atrophy. "The upgrading of consumption, the overall decline in car, as the car market share of the first SGMW decline can hardly be avoided." SAIC GM Wuling dealers. If the passenger car in accordance with the ideal trajectory forward, with the gradual expansion of passenger car sales in the future, even if the micro car market atrophy, you can make up for the growth of passenger cars. Now, however, it doesn’t seem so simple. SGMW passenger car brands have no increase in production situation. In "by taking both" strategy, SGMW since 2010 to enter the passenger car market, the car brand Baojun sales increase. According to the sales data by the Federation announced that the first half of this year, Po Chun brand contribution, sales of 331 thousand and 100 vehicles, an increase of up to 80.92%. However, SGMW attributable to the parent company’s net profit of 2 billion 516 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, net profit fell by 1.7 percentage points. "SGMW does not increase income, the main reason is the number of cars go the road SGMW, investment is relatively more in technology, SGMW new products are mainly developed by themselves, the investment is mainly their profit to investment);相关的主题文章: