Russian media China’s Russian arms orders rose again over $8 billion whereisip

Russian media: Russian arms orders Chinese rose again, the amount of over $8 billion data figure: Russian Su -35 aircraft Reference News Network reported on November 3rd Russian media said the deputy director of the Russian Federal Military Technical Cooperation Bureau Vladimir · the 1 day in China, Zhuhai airshow, China has been among the top 5 in the purchase of Russian weapons at present, the amount of orders over $8 billion. He said that despite the decline in the first ten years of this century, the amount of Chinese made weapons to Russia recently increased significantly. According to Russia’s "Herald" reported on November 2nd, officials said: "China about Russia in modern military technology cooperation showing growing interest in. Several joint projects are at different stages of development." The director of the Federal Military Technical Cooperation Bureau Alexander · fuming October revealed that Russian arms orders for a total amount of $52 billion, accounting for more than 15% Chinese. In 90s the last century to the beginning of this century, China and India is a major buyer of Russian weapons, but since about 2005, with Chinese started mass production related their weapons (some projects also have the participation of Russia), the Russian arms demand began to decline. 2006, when he was general manager of the Russian Defense Products Export Company Sergei · announced that the two sides signed a total of $200 million in new contracts, and the amount of the amount of the transaction alone on the amount of $1 billion to $1 billion 500 million on. Russia’s strategic technology analysis center expert Andre · Frolov stressed that this is the first time announced the total amount of arms contracts with china. A few years ago this indicator is much lower: it can be speculated that the average annual no more than 3 billion -40 billion. The turning point occurred in the 2014-2015 value of $2 billion for the S-400 and -35 single sign after su. This year, China and Russia signed a big new aero engine — the value of $658 million for the D-30 and AL-31 contract. Russia has also imported military equipment from China, such as marine diesel engines to replace the same kind of products that have been banned, but for the time being. A person close to the defense products export company executives pointed out that the future of the two countries signed a large supply contract, such as Su -35 and S-400 is unlikely to be high, the scale of military cooperation with China in a few years or will decline. But he believes that cooperation in the field of military technology will continue for a long time.相关的主题文章: