Rong Ping how to enhance the soft power of Chengdu rainlendar

Rong Ping: the construction of the world cultural city Chengdu how to enhance the soft power of cultural relics of Wuhou Temple in Chengdu District Hui Ling of autumn. Urban strength depends on the economy, the city grade depends on culture. It is impossible to build a national central city without a strong cultural support. Recently held the twelve plenary session of the Chengdu Municipal Committee, proposed the idea of building a world cultural city, in the depth of the city’s soft power to enhance the force of the seven. Soft power in the concept of "soft power" of the proposed American political scientist Joseph · Nye, culture is China’s largest soft power. Since the party’s eighteen years, the state leaders have emphasized the importance of the construction of national cultural soft power on many occasions. Vigorously promote cultural soft power, has become the consensus of today’s international mainstream society. The aim of the construction of national central city of Chengdu, and enhance the cultural soft power of the city, not only related to the city residents’ cultural welfare, improve the quality of city space, innovative and creative ability is more about a city, a city to gather talent, capital attraction. It can be said that if there is no cultural soft power and adapt to economic development strength, a city to stand on the city series "spire", have a real international influence. A water Dujiangyan, Chengdu Tianfu nourishes the land; the Millennium Jinsha site, and culture spirit. As early as four thousand or five thousand years ago, the ancient Shu ancestors came from the Northwest Sichuan Plateau along the Minjiang River Valley migrated to the plains of Chengdu, their hard cultivation in this fertile land, creating the splendid culture of ancient Shu, gradually formed a highly developed civilization of the Sanxingdui and Jinsha civilization. Zhou Dai Shu Dynasty, Wang Kaiming nine world took Wangcheng from Pixian to Chengdu, the so-called "one year and the UN into a poly, two years into the town, three years in Chengdu", "Chengdu" is also a resulting. Since the Qin Shu Prefecture Li Bing presided over the Dujiangyan water conservancy project construction has been known to the world, the land of abundance "people from the flood, not hunger," the abundance of products, nourish people rich spiritual and cultural world, Sima Xiangru, Li Bai, Du Fu, Lu You and other writers and poets have come to Chengdu, has brought great fusion of foreign and local culture, Chengdu the splendid culture and profound history, with some Chinese and foreign scholars, monks, merchants, travelers writings introduction and word of mouth, famous western, South Asia and europe. Chengdu has a long history of civilization, profound cultural foundation and unique regional culture, which is the unique advantage of Chengdu culture. But these cultural advantages, only through the protection, utilization and development, in order to continue into the soft power of city development and construction of the world cultural heritage of the target before the stage, is expected to reach, thereby boosting the construction of national central city. The protection of the world cultural city needs to be rooted in the profound history and culture. Lewis, an urban planning expert in the United States,, once pointed out, "the city is the container of culture" (·)". Leading the city culture is often the cultural carrier of shared memory, can stay under load, such as Pyramid of Egypt and the Palace of Versailles in Paris, the Great Wall in Beijing, Qin Shihuang, Terracotta Army in Xi’an, is the symbol of city culture. Chengdu at this time.相关的主题文章: