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  • April 16, 2018
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Red Net county Party committee secretary of the poor families do not understand the meaning of Thanksgiving officialdom thinking original title: Secretary of the red network of poor households do not know Thanksgiving, Internet users anxious people Thanksgiving education? November 4th, the national outstanding county Party Secretary, Hubei County, Badong county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia published the article, many netizens feel surprised. In this article entitled "poverty alleviation precise self Thanksgiving education to keep up with the" article, Chen line a county in Badong. A poor households "pengci" government as an example, the thesis points out that the precise poverty alleviation work in the presence of pain: a few poor households do not self-reliance, not Thanksgiving "with" I I am afraid of who is poor "mentality, good policy support is uncomfortable. As a result, he proposed to strengthen the awareness of the initiative and poverty alleviation of poor households and people’s education. This is not the first time Chen Hangjia stir public opinion field. Previously, Chen line a speech has been the "people’s Daily" and other mainstream media forwarding, is famous for its strong, no taboo, down to earth style. He said: no high-profile corruption and bribery, not gifts, I hope everyone called him "not to make money, also county Party Secretary" had recorded MV, jump from a height of 3000 meters, only to promote Badong tourism. Chen Hangjia said the case or point out the reality of poverty relief work, but in the field of public opinion has aroused controversy. According to monitoring CY opinion monitoring room, this article on the morning of November 4th, by the Badong County Radio and TV station official micro signal first, users, groups, in the Badong area since the grass-roots civil servants account media co.. November 7th, the people’s daily client, and even Lianhe Zaobao and other foreign media forwarding and comments on the original, the amount of information began to increase rapidly. The speech Chen line a discussion in the morning of November 8th at about 10 to reach a climax, and continued to maintain the heat. 1 pm the same day, the people’s daily, WeChat public number pushed Chen Hangjia article, the amount of reading over the next 3 hours of more than 100 thousand. In the eyes of some friends, is outspoken Chen line a good cadre, "this is the actual situation of the grass-roots" does have such a group of people, is a good policy spoiled". Among them, both the voice of Badong Chinese netizens, there are many grassroots officials, and even their poor households. Netizen "fish" said: "the Secretary Chen could see straight, accurate implementation of poverty reduction in recent years, this phenomenon is ignored." Netizen "killings" that Chen line a road out of the predicament: "many grass-roots cadres have higher task, the masses do not understand, do not blindly subsidies, self-improvement, work very passive." He said: "poverty alleviation or important people to self-improvement, not blindly and so on to, or even a year out of poverty, poverty is still behind." Netizen "pine Aoxue confessed that he was a precise poverty helping object, but also for Chen Hangjia said:" the very identity of government subsidies can enjoy every year, it is for your blood transfusion, the key is to understand their own efforts "and" not the right ideology, which can help them?" Netizen "our" believe in comprehensive strictly at the same time, pointed out that the small part of the people declare in no uncertain terms, and not against the people, but in winter相关的主题文章: