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Has Localism Failed? Osborne Gets Tough On Local Planning Authorities By: Bradley Weiss | Feb 21st 2016 – The post-election proposals from the Conservative Government seem to buck the trend of the 2011 Localism Act. Local councils need to move faster. Tags: How Can Housing Developers Build Healthier .munities? By: Bradley Weiss | Jan 19th 2016 – Research shows that certain features such as green space can add significant value to a property. But there are other features that can add even more. Tags: What Will New .munities Secretary Greg Clark Mean For Uk Housing Policy? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 27th 2015 – The new head of the Department for .munities and Local Government authored the Localism Act, which should please land investors, homebuilders and homebuyers. Tags: How Effective Might The Help-to-buy Isa Be For First Time Buyers? By: Bradley Weiss | Nov 30th 2015 – Younger working adults in the UK struggle to buy homes, largely because a deposit is hard to save. This programme might help, particularly outside London. Tags: Uk Strategic Land: The Attraction For Global Investors By: Kevin Ballard | Oct 27th 2015 – Volatility abroad drives an interest in English property. But domestic demand for housing is just as strong – and long-term – a factor for investors. Tags: Could The Empty Homes In England Fix The Housing Shortage? By: Bradley Weiss | Oct 27th 2015 – There are hundreds of thousands of houses and flats that sit empty in the UK for various reasons. Some might be reusable or appropriated to meet the housing shortage. Tags: What Uk Land Investors Should Know About Strategic Land Investments By: Bradley Weiss | Sep 25th 2015 – Strategic land stands alone among land investments. It answers the pressing need for home building by increasing land designated for that purpose. Tags: The Various Roles In Uk Joint Venture Land Investments By: Bradley Weiss | Sep 25th 2015 – The advantages of investing through a joint venture partnership include reducing risk and acquiring the knowledge and skills of other partners. Tags: How Investors Can Choose The "right" Property Fund By: Bradley Weiss | Sep 25th 2015 – Many investors choose a property fund to optimise asset growth in UK real estate, particularly in the residential sector. But not all funds are managed equally. Tags: How Advisable Is Uk Land As An Alternative Investment? By: Bradley Weiss | Sep 25th 2015 – There are many ways to invest outside of the FTSE and real estate investment trusts. Land for future housing development is an enticing example. Tags: Planning By Appeal: How Uk Developers Can Challenge Adverse Lpa Rulings By: Bradley Weiss | Sep 2nd 2015 – If local planning authorities rule against a proposed housing development, it is not the last word. An effective appeal – and some plan changes – can change the ruling. Tags: How Does The Ageing Of The Baby Boomers Affect The Uk Housing Market? By: Bradley Weiss | Sep 2nd 2015 – Grannies live alone in draughty three-bedroom homes while families with several children cram into two bedroom flats. Maybe we can switch things around. Tags: What Are The Generational Implications Of The Uk Housing Shortage? By: Bradley Weiss | Jul 30th 2015 – Already strapped with education loans and lower wage expectations, the under-35 set of UK workers face difficult economic factors. More houses would help. Tags: To What Degree Are Businesses And People Leaving London – And Why? By: Bradley Weiss | Jun 25th 2015 – The exodus of younger, entrepreneurial Brits to other cities is measurable and noticeable. And who can blame them? Great jobs and better housing await them. Tags: Southampton Today: Quality Of Life Finds A Sweet Spot By: Bradley Weiss | May 21st 2015 – A holistic rating of economic and social factors place Hampshire"��s largest city as the go-to spot for young strivers and entrepreneurs. Investors take note. Tags: How Well Are Uk Cities Planning For Growth? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 11th 2015 – Increasing the number of homes in the next quarter century is critical and a focus of the NPPF. But many local authorities have no plan as of yet. Tags: How Do Trends Toward Teleworking Affect Homebuilding In The Uk? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 10th 2015 – Location formerly determined the value of most real estate. But technology now enables working from home, altering the need for homes to be near workplaces. Tags: How To Achieve Capital Growth In Uk Investment Land By: Bradley Weiss | Feb 27th 2015 – There are a variety of ways to earn a profit investing in UK land. It"��s not all in London and it doesn"��t necessarily require being a landlord. Tags: What Is The Current State Of House Building Planning Permissions In The Uk? By: Bradley Weiss | Jan 22nd 2015 – The statistics on change of use designations present a mixed picture. The process is beginning to show signs of speeding up, which helps. Tags: The Benefits Of Uk Land As A Real Asset To Investors By: Bradley Weiss | Jan 22nd 2015 – There are many other types of real assets, some which literally sparkle. But land is an investment where the investor can play a role in its valuation increase. Tags: What Are The Short And Long Term Risks Of Investing In Land As A Real Asset Investment? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 11th 2014 – Land assets are quite capable of yielding strong investment returns. But risks are everywhere – know what they are, and work with professionals if you can. Tags: What Are The Relationships Between Land Fund Managers, Local Governments And Planning Authorities? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 10th 2014 – There are formal and informal ways by which investor-funded developers achieve land-use changes. But .munity relationships, and flexibility, matter as well. Tags: The Roles And Responsibilities Of Property Fund Managers By: Chris Westerman | Nov 25th 2014 – Turning land into valuable property is neither magic nor easy. The people who manage development on behalf of investors must have several skills to achieve asset growth. Tags: How Much Reporting Transparency Should Investors Expect From Property Fund Managers? By: Chris Westerman | Nov 12th 2014 – Disclosure and transparency are on the rise in .mercial real estate investment. But the same factors also drive confidence in residential development. Tags: What Are The Opportunities For Investors In Uk Rental Housing? By: Chris Westerman | Nov 6th 2014 – For a variety of reasons more people rent their homes than 10 years ago in the UK. Developers and homebuilders are developing properties accordingly. Tags: The Help To Buy Debate: Is This Why Home Price Averages Are Climbing? By: Chris Westerman | Oct 16th 2014 – Many like to criticise the Help to Buy scheme, alleging price increases result. But others disagree: most buyers are outside of London, new to ownership. Tags: Why Land Banking Is A "myth," According To The Home Builders Federation By: Chris Westerman | Oct 12th 2014 – Indeed there are a few hundred thousand plots awaiting building in the UK. But what"��s holding back homes is bureaucracy and construction time. Tags: Where Raw Land Is The Investment Chosen By Institutional Investors By: Chris Westerman | Aug 27th 2014 – Interest in real estate is building again. A survey of professionals finds that, while muted in some respects, institutional and other investors "are in" for 2013. Tags: Would Alternative Investments Be A Good Long-term (10+ Years) Strategy By: Chris Westerman | May 3rd 2014 – Alternative investments that might include art, classic cars, rare diamonds or raw land have performed well in the past decade. Can the asset growth continue? Tags: How To Avoid The Problems Of Investment Property By: Chris Westerman | Mar 26th 2014 – The lure to invest in UK real estate grows as the country"��s population increase fuels a housing shortage. But property investments are tricky and quiet varied. Tags: Does Undervalued, Undeveloped Land Still Exist In The Uk? By: Chris Westerman | Feb 26th 2014 – There absolutely are opportunities to increase asset value in UK land with development. But it takes at least four groups of leaders to make it happen. Tags: 相关的主题文章: