Property staff car companies allow employees to pay others to scratch staff said no money – in Beiji-oembios.bin

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  • April 15, 2018
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Property staff car companies allow employees to pay others to scratch staff said no money – Beijing before the mid autumn festival day, Ms. Wang, who lives in Jiangbei District has his own car to dashiba Hongyuan road a car wash car wash, this thinking can ease holidays, but in a bad thing. The car was a property staff scratched on September 14th at 8:30 in the morning, Ms. Wang in Jiangbei District dashiba a car wash car wash line, will be temporarily parked the car in the car wash shop on the sidewalk. In order to facilitate other vehicles out of the car wash shop, her car on the right side of the car wash with a larger interval. Because the sidewalk is under construction, the left side of the car is a block, and only one person can pass through the car. Surveillance video of the Chongqing evening news reporter through a car wash shop offered to see, Ms. Wang parked the car, get off to chat with xichedian boss. At this point, a staff dressed in green overalls pushed the cleaning car, from the left side of the car, because the road is narrow, coupled with a larger cleaning car, cleaning the car hung up Ms. Wang’s car. After the accident, Ms. Wang and car wash shop owner found 3 scratches on the left side of the vehicle. Ms. Wang said: "call the 4S shop consultation, the paint cost is about 400 yuan." The company said the staff should compensate Ms. Wang immediately alarm. A patrol here to see the scene and monitoring, that is the full responsibility of the property staff." Wang said: the property staff refused to compensate for the lack of money, I had no choice but to call the person in charge of the property company to negotiate." Property owners arrived at the scene, after police mediation, Ms. Wang decided to compensate the cost of 150 yuan, the staff still refused to compensate. Ms. Wang thought the staff at work occurred scraped, asked property companies can pay the 150 yuan instead of employees. Property owners told Ms. Wang: This is the personal behavior of employees, we have no reason to assume this responsibility." Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter contacted the company surnamed Jiang, a property manager. Jiang manager said, do not know the sequence of events, he has recorded, will report to the relevant responsible person in the mid autumn festival. Jiang said: if it is the responsibility of the staff, the number of compensation he should bear, if you have a relationship with the company, the staff can report to the higher authorities determined by the department." Chongqing evening news chief reporter trainee reporter Zhang Liufeng Wen ran photo coverage vehicle scraped should find who pay the lawyers remind to the experience of Ms. Wang, the Chongqing evening news legal team, Chongqing HOLLEY million Tao lawyer Chen Ting believes that the property company should bear responsibility, "the company employees work caused by property damage (vehicle), full liability it should be borne by the company." Chen also reminded owners, vehicle scratches in different situations, in addition to find Traffic and patrol police accountability, there are different solutions: "if parked in the garage was scratched, should first identify the cause of injury and the perpetrators, by the perpetrators liable for damages. If you can not find the perpetrators, should prove that the car is in the parking period was scratched under the premise of parking service contract disputes to find the garage manager responsibility."相关的主题文章: