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  • April 19, 2018
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Physical examination qualified to run " after cardiac arrest; Hangzhou Ma " expert " " soon poured cold water;; in November 6th, the 2016 Hangzhou marathon will be run. Can be seen from the 32000 places in the second seconds can be seen, the marathon has gradually evolved into a very high level of participation of ordinary citizens. Every year, hang Ma period, WeChat circle of friends drying draw results, number plate, sportswear became fashionable, but also frequently occurred in the accident on the track. In October 30th, the 2016 Shanghai International Marathon run. A group of men to participate in the second half, in the end point across the line after 50 meters sudden cardiac arrest collapses, fortunately, emergency medical team timely rescue. Less than 2 minutes apart, another male athlete due to acute cerebral ischemia coma…… Statistics show that the launch of the injured up to 560 people, including minor injuries of 556 people, seriously injured, and 4 people. The marathon into the ordinary people really can be regarded as "National Movement"? Ding Yahui, deputy director of the Department of Cardiology, Zhejiang Province People’s Hospital,, we poured a pot of cold water: No 10 times a week, 2-3 km of customary training, not to encourage participation." Health certificate, only 5 players can not fully reflect the health status of the reporter found in the Hangzhou marathon on the official website, to successfully participate in the "hang horse", in addition to the ballot, payment, contestants must pay examination table. In addition to the physical examination form to fill out the identity of the players, the contents of the personal health of a total of 6 items, including medical history, family history of sudden death, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, cardiac ultrasound diagnosis. Among them, 5 belong to the required class, echocardiography is recommended to the project, optional class. Physical examination table need to be able to carry out related projects, qualified hospital seal. Ding Yahui has also seen such a physical examination table, is a contestant brought to the Department of Cardiology to ask him to check and seal. However, when the only 5 required the examination table, Ding Yahui expressed some anxiety. "No matter how hot the marathon is now, it is the ultimate sport, and the heart and lung function of the participants is very high. Professional long-distance runners, there are professional sports health assessment, including cardiopulmonary function test, oxygen consumption test, before and after the training and quiet and quantitative load of heart rate, blood lactic acid changes, is very strict." Ding Yahui believes that only the blood pressure, heart rate, ECG diagnosis project, can not fully reflect the health of the players. In addition, cardiac ultrasound for atrial premature beats and ventricular premature beat detection rate is very limited. Qualified "is a very broad concept, as long as the examination results in the normal range of medical data, can give" qualified ", but a marathon is not normal people can do exercise, need long-term training, professional health assessment." Ding Yahui said. Cardiac arrest in the majority of their own knowledge of heart disease in recent years, in the marathon track, cardiac arrest players are not uncommon. Why? Hangzhou emergency center physician, the American Heart Association senior life support instructor Zhou Haibin explained, there are many reasons for cardiac arrest, the main three"相关的主题文章: