Photography how to shoot a small picture of literature and art


1, volt table miss

is one of the most wooden table objects can bring small fresh temperament, lying on the table, eyes look to the lens, like in the empty state, or waiting for what is missing, with a hint of melancholy.

2, leaning against the wall melancholy

don’t ignore some of the daily situations, even a common wall. In the reinforced concrete city, this is full of texture of the brick wall, coupled with a slight touch of melancholy temperament, suddenly turned small fresh!

3, knee provocative

regardless of green grass, and trees or dead branches, these are natural small fresh wood there? Holding the knee to sit, look at the camera at the same time with a tease, pure revealed a trace of sexy. Or hold his head while his eyes closed, another speechless fresh feeling in my heart ~

4, supine intoxicated

completely relax in the grass or lying in the flowers, with a face, face intoxicated ~ basking in the sun, smelling the fragrance of flowers, is immersed in a beautiful dream, enjoy this piece of flowers….

5, intellectual reading style

book is a very good interpretation of the small fresh props, as if to return to the era of students. With books and pictures together and half covered his face, vaguely have a tranquil and intellectual beauty, with more touch yo?.

6, youth overlooking

to shoot a small fresh, posture can not be too artificial, natural random to put a glance or look up to the distant position, the youth breath overflowing with wood?! With the background of pastoral style, almost perfect!

7, Meng ornament

It is essential that the

shoot small fresh small accessories embellishment, simple single product is all-match. Wearing a beautiful little flowers or a variety of Meng Meng Da head hoop, a pure fairy look self-evident.

8, guitar style

music girl paper always gives a fresh feeling, but can not play without fear, the use of a variety of musical instruments can also create your own small fresh screen. Therefore, guitar, Violin and other musical instruments full of props is essential to shoot small fresh photos.

9, flowers beauty