Peter Ho is married today! Zhen Huan, hurry to bless the fruit county king… soojin

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  • November 15, 2017
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Peter Ho is married today! Zhen Huan, hurry to bless the fruit county king… The bride and groom wedding according to Taiwan media reports, Peter Ho (Peter) tonight and communication 9 years registered his wife Lin Jingyi (Peggy) in the Taipei house, at Le Meridien Munich Hotel, including "Zhen Huan empress" Sun Li, "because of the" Li Dongxue and Vivian Hsu and other stars will be unveiled. Unexpectedly, the eve of the wedding, but let him play basketball first dislocated thumb back flip 45 degrees, was imminent, he laughed and said: "we try not to shake hands with me." Fortunately, only the injury to the hand, does not affect the wedding festivities night. Peter Ho wedding souvenir for the bride’s family in Taipei, Peter Ho during the day but also to marry the woman home, the wedding night is expected to attend the opening 53 table, at the age of 40, he’s been 18 years, the two sides of the three movie making friends, a broker Ben confidential star guest list, said there is a surprise, but the reporter learned. Star guests about more than and 30 people, including his cooperation with the "jade goddess of mercy" has met friends for 13 years to Sun Li, "" the previous film steel Li Dongxue will also attend, as the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" harem combination. In addition to Vivian Hsu from Singapore, junior Shen Jianhong, Andy Chen, and the best man is served by brothers Dylan Kuo and Albert Tammy Chen in September although Guoyong; to get married, but she is not afraid of "joyous" taboo, today will attend. The wedding gift is very special, is the bride Peggy brand "28Women" jewelry design. Related news today Peter Ho wedding invitation exposure transparent design source: create new styles Phoenix Entertainment time: September 1, 2016   Peter Ho wedding exposure according to Hongkong media reports, the 40 year old Taiwan male god Peter Ho (Peter) announced in March this year, and circle the girlfriend Peggy registration of marriage, and today (September 1st) before the wedding. The day before their wedding invitations finally exposed, is different from the traditional red gold lettering styles, Zhang Xitie in a transparent glue bottom, with gold lettering is very eye-catching. Peter for the protection of his wife Peggy, has not publicly the information, with the invitation Chinese exposure, "Lin Jingyi" Peggy for the first time exposure. Related news Peter Ho Bali Island bachelor party topless show muscle source: Phoenix Entertainment time: August 29, 2016 Peter Ho sun and friends photo according to Taiwan media reports, the registered marriage of Peter Ho and the love for 9 years long girlfriend Peggy, September 1st wedding will be held in Taipei, especially to the wife before marriage leave, with Shen Jianhong, Chen Yideng brothers in Bali Island to 5 4 days and nights lying in the pool of 3 single, male upper body naked, muscular muscles show pictures, also did not forget to help wife brand advertising, "while on vacation, but my heart is still in the body of his wife." Peter Ho said, in the past had visions of a bachelor party, like the movie "the hangover", to Las Vegas crazy, but true to myself to get married, because too many things to worry about the wedding, now just want to relax, pulling 6 boys decided to vacation in Bali Island, were not accompanied by girls let the wife is assured.相关的主题文章: