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Travel-and-Leisure Peshawar is quintessential frontier town that sits at the foot of early trading routes across the Khyber Pass! Intrigue, romance and danger rule this city of Pakistan and these are the very traits that entice adventurers from all over the world to land up at the Peshawar International Airport! Peshawar International Airport is indeed a popular place as it serves the city of Peshawar. It is one of the busiest airports in Pakistan and is located just few kilometres from the centre of the city. The airport is a major base for Pakistan International Airlines and Shaheen Air International as well a host of other carriers, including those code share operators and global alliances members all over the globe. Millions visit the Peshawar Airport annually and thus any information concerning the property is highly sought after. There are few Peshawar Airport guides that are floating on the internet and can offer information, instructions and tips on various aspects of this Pakistani airport. However, the Peshawar Airports website is the best guide to procure correct and updated facts on the airport. Peshawar airport information on topics as varied as history and airport capacity can be gathered round at .caapakistan…pk/peshawar.aspx. Given the volatile nature of the region, Peshawar may not be the most highly visited tourist destination but this quiet city is exceedingly gorgeous and is making people sit up and take notice. It is not surprising to know that in the last few years the passenger traffic at the Peshawar International Airport has gone up dramatically. The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has done well to match that rise. The authority has made sure that the airport is replete with almost all contemporary services and facilities that one expects out of a world class airport. Great infrastructure and top of the line amenities and services enable the tourists to enjoy the wonderful city attractions like Peshawar Museum, Fort Bala Hisar and Taxila Historic Site even more relaxingly. Services and Facilities at Peshawar Airport Services and facilities offered at the Peshawar International Airport are numerous and include car parking, car hire and lounge access. If a passenger is in need of some grub, the airport springs up quite a few good options. There are refreshment counters, snack bars as well as a full-service restaurant. The airport does not disappoint even those travellers who love shopping! A gift shop is located on the airports premises and sells all kinds of souvenir and gift items. In addition, the airport provides money exchange facilities, banks and ATMs of different financial institutions. The Peshawar International Airport also offers free inter. facilities at several places for the convenience of the passengers. Furthermore, the international airport features a post office. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: