Parents should guide the baby to discover the world winfast

Parents should guide children to "find" the world [Abstract] for baby, everything is fresh and strange, so they all the way through to "discover" things in the world, gradually increase their understanding of the world and grow. 1, discover the world through toys. There is no fixed way to play good toys, baby can be in accordance with their own way to find more fun. No matter whether he is in your hand, or to hit the ground, or in violation of the guidelines had abnormal toy instructions that are deviant, baby toys "found" interesting way. 2, through the game to find the world. The game is always the most precious love, regardless of the rules of the game itself, or in the course of the game a little "emergency" will make every nerve baby get excited, on his discovery tour. Baby in the course of the play, will develop curiosity and explore the mystery of things habits, but also through these activities are influenced by mother subtle, childhood acquisition in a comprehensive, multi-dimensional thinking, and in the same way to solve different problems, ability in different ways to solve the same problem. All this will help the baby grow up self exploration, self reflection, and even self-learning habits will be of great benefit. This baby will not grow up thinking is rigid, not others, will have more of their own ideas. 3, discover the world through housework. Housework may be a burden for adults, but for the baby, it is more of a fun game, so from the age of 1-2, baby will become very like doing housework. If his parents offered him the chance to do the housework, he would "discover" a lot of interesting things. To cultivate the ability of baby "discovery", allowing him to experience the "discovery" of fun, do not need to spend a lot of time to deliberate, encounter everywhere in life in a very subtle and you don’t even care about the little things, the education of the parents can be naturally into. 4, parents guide children "need to follow the principle of discovery tour as much as possible to let the baby in their own way to" find ", do not always according to their parents’ ideas about his behavior backseat driver don’t interrupt; a baby is in the best of spirits, this would discourage him to" enthusiasm "when the baby is; in his" discovery "activities, do not blame him, but to encourage a timely manner, and to help him; to guide the baby" found "activities to have control, can’t make him too tired; parents are not mandatory to make any suggestions to the baby, and to put forward guidance advice to the baby; isolated" discovery "is meaningless, so parents should encourage the baby to his" discovery "and he has understood things together. Xiaobian summary: parents should guide the baby toys, games, outdoor activities and chores in the "discovery" of this magical world, when they are "active" discovery "was completely up, he would dig all curious and interesting things, strange things that many parents might not have noticed the.相关的主题文章: