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"Opera into the campus" the audience applauded Beijing –       Washington (reporter Wang Juan correspondent Yao Liyuan Liu Hong) "Chu opera is really beautiful, very interesting!" 16 PM, a Chu opera staged in the show open up a fresh outlook after the lake Yucai Xingzhi Primary School performances, let students see all eyes, have been asked to learn.         this show is held in our city, "opera into the campus, thousands of schools," one of the series of activities. Wuhan Province Institute of the young actors not only students are introduced to the province’s history, business knowledge, also staged a classic "station" wall. Actor Cai Wei plays a hand Chunxiang flowers, let the small audience see leng. Wu Siyuan and Wang Ziyi are classmates, along with actor Yu Weigang and actress niche Fu Qian salute and sleeve movement action learning. Wu Siyuan exclaimed: "looks very beautiful, very hard to learn, when opera actor is not easy!"         since June this year, Wuhan opera, Wuhan Opera Institute, Wuhan province hospital, Huangpi district and other six Chu opera theater opera troupes successively with outstanding plays into the middle and primary school, carry out opera performances, lectures and other activities. As of the end of the month, "opera into the campus? 1000 1000 school" has completed 957 games.         this summer, Wuhan Opera Institute also jointly carry out "Han Changjiang Daily summer camp", Wuhan province launched the "Academy of drama summer camp, invite parents and children together to learn knowledge into opera, Opera Orchestra, backstage experience activities of clothing, bursting with popularity," culture "is attracted CCTV column group throughout the focus.         from the beginning of September, by the Wuhan press by Wuhan city schools comprehensive practice course "opera into the campus popular reading" in my city schools spread, readers not only included drama stills, cartoon opera style, also set up a drama topic and interactive activities, two-dimensional code students scanning in the book you can listen to the opera aria, this is the first in the country.         students sitting on the stage, learning opera performance knowledge reporter Liu Hongyang photo         yesterday, Chu Yucai primary school into the Xingzhi reporter Liu Hongyang photo         [knowledge] small            : opera;     modern opera profession is divided into students, Dan net ugly four categories. Mei Lanfang, Cheng Yanqiu, Shang Xiaoyun appeared in Xun Huisheng, "four famous" and plum, Cheng, and many other schools, Xunzi is Peking opera history, including founder Tan Xinpei opera in the history of the first old school "school" was born in the Jiangxia District of Wuhan city.     &;相关的主题文章: