Open canthus often appear after the problem and how to avoid yuanjiao

Open canthus often appear after the problem and how to avoid? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (source: plastic surgeon Lei Yue Chong Weibo) eyelid + open his eyes, allowing you to truly achieve slim change eyes, dull variable God, stiff smart. Double eyelid on the importance of beautiful eyes, small series is not known, I believe the majority of people who have deep love beauty. We know that the open eye surgery "on the inside corner of the eye" and "corner away", "open canthus" can make eye crack is increased, eyes bright eyes of god. "The corner away" can be extended to the eye level length increases. Today to talk to you, open eyes often appear after the problem and how to avoid. After a comparison chart: scar hyperplasia after 3-6 months, such as scar hyperplasia, can be prescribed to do physical therapy, massage and topical scar ointment treatment, avoid sunlight, to avoid wound pigmentation, serious and timely medical treatment. Care to do good two: after shedding tears short period after operation is normal, can play the role of nourishing eye, do not rub the eyes, to avoid infection, but if long time tears did not improve, must be timely medical treatment. Three: after the corner of the eye redness is not easy enough to let the corner of the eye redness, but also to extend the recovery time, so a good rest is necessary to reduce the use of eye drops! First, there must be a quiet environment to rest, not excessive use of the eye, so as to avoid excessive eye fatigue resulting in swelling of the wound. Four: nursing is swelling infection is not the best way to avoid infection, severe cases, must see a doctor in time, can not be lazy. Five: the emergence of exposure keratitis conjunctivitis can be the appropriate eye drops, can play a role, there is no improvement to see a doctor. Six: outer canthus deformity caused by open surgery is generally in the margin of skin dressing caused by not enough, only through the repair to improve. Seven: the eyes of the size of the eye will be slowly after a month, if the size of a month or so, you need to see a doctor, check whether the need to repair. How to open a corner of the eye after the nursing tips small open eyes is not a major surgery, but the doctor’s request is very high, the surgeon must be familiar with the anatomy of the eyelids. And has a solid plastic surgery skills and good aesthetic ability. Because the incision is too large, it is easy to appear difficult healing scar formation, or poor angle, hidden incision is not very good, so the operation must be to the formal medical institutions, choose an experienced doctor to do. For more details, please pay attention to micro plastic @ Sina (micro-blog) statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: