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Software For an ardent book reader, an online bookstore is a dream come true. Readers can compare the prices of different books, view different books by the same author, get details of the book very easily and most importantly this medium of shopping is very convenient and hassle free. They can make their purchase even without leaving their home! Book readers love searching their favourite books in an online bookstore than in a traditional bookstore. The internet has now brought a high level of ease to the book purchases and book lovers are reveling in it. Online bookstoreshave huge advantages to the book purchaser. They can not only read about the books, but also to read the reviews given by the people who have read the book before. The readers review can give unique information about a book that editor’s comments cannot provide. Thus, these book stores educate the readers about a particular book before they buy it. It is very much necessary to know about a book (if not the whole thing at least the gist) before buying it, and this can be done through the book reviews. Ebook library – arecent trend that is growing and garnering immense popularly, it is very similar to the traditional library but, here it is completely in the digital format. It is also known as elibrary in which you can read books and some websites allow you to create your own bookshelf. You can edit and manage your own book shelf and add your favourite books to it. Ebook library is mostly used by the students to get their educational books online. The digital format of the books allows you to store it in any electronic devices which help you to carry it wherever you go. Whether it is your home or a college campus, you can access the ebook library anytime and read the book you want. Some eLibraries allow you to create an account and also create a group among your friends. Thus, if you find any book useful or worth sharing it among your friends then you can do it with a few clicks. It helps you share your knowledge about a particular book as well as lets you learn about the book that other members share and recommend. To use an ebook library you need not be a techie, you can begin by just operating it just like any other app on your mobile. Thus, elibrary and online bookstore have made it easy to buy or read a book online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: