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Olympic champion Lao Lishi open shop selling toys in 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Lao Lishi (right) and Li Ting won the women’s 10 meter synchronized springboard gold medal, when she was 17 years old, claiming to be a career peak Legal Evening News (intern reporter Ming Tingbao) the Rio Olympics closed yesterday, this is likely to be Tully, Phelps, Wu Minxia, Boulter Li Xiaoxia, Zhang Jike, and other veterans race career end point. Retirement, has become a topic not open around. Politics, business, to enter the entertainment circle, the Olympic champion after the majority of retired to achieve gorgeous turn. The 2004 Athens Olympic Games women’s 10 meter platform double champion — Lao Lishi became a personal independence of conduct, she resigned from the civil service, when the Taobao owner sell Wenwan, even in the "Olympic champion" the identity of the seller has become one of the Alibaba landed in New York stock exchange 8 bell person…… According to the Legal Evening News (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter was informed that, in addition to the shop, in May of this year, her store opened in Guangzhou two sand, the annual turnover of over a million or no problem". Photo of Ma Ali listed her bell in September 19, 2014, Lao Lishi to Taobao online "Olympic champion" the identity of the seller in the United States Nasdaq, becoming one of the Alibaba landed in New York stock exchange 8 bell person. The same day, she was drying out with Ma Yun’s photo in micro-blog, wrote, envy envy hate to come!" During that time, Lao Lishi "fire" in a complete mess. "I find the media too much, the telephone from morning to night, and later only to answer." This is the Olympic champion, why "sojourn" Taobao? This is where most people confused. Lao Lishi was born in Guangdong, Zhanjiang, Lianjiang City, an ordinary family, the father is a self-employed, the mother to take care of children at home. Lao Lishi is the youngest daughter in the family. Lao Lishi first met her at the age of 5. At that time, her brother Lao Yongyi diving school in Chikan District of Zhanjiang City Amateur Sports School, mother every day to send him to a sports school training, with no one to take care of Lao Lishi, also give her to you, let her children play in the pool. The amateur sports school coach bell Quansheng soon noticed that Lao Lishi, her bold, good coordination, good seedling is diving. In the spring of 1994, bell Quansheng coach mobilization, pre-K Lao Lishi joined the Chikan amateur sports school official diving. It was 16 years, and in 2010 she announced her retirement. In November 2011, Lao Lishi retired school in Guangdong province sports college short work after a period of time, to choose the League Committee, Guangdong province has become the Youth Volunteer Action Guidance Center Director, zhengkeji. For not engaged in the work of the coach, Lao Lishi explained: I was so young, too tired to engage in training, do not want to stay in the team inside, want to touch something else." In September 19, 2014, Lao Lishi in the "Olympic champion" sellers appeared to become Alibaba Nasdaq, landing the NYSE bell ringer. The picture shows the same day, she and Ma Yun’s photo shopping is difficult to open up for相关的主题文章: