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"Octopus lottery]12 Daily: England won the qualifiers for the king of the double 11 buddies over how well read daily and broke the pro do not eat soil. Yesterday’s World Cup teams have won the first, we have to look at. England won the qualifiers of the king of Scotland due to historical origins of broken header designed in England and Scotland, the two sides of the competition is always full of the smell of gunpowder, the face of Scotland, England at Wembley 3-0 easily won the three lions in the team before the 4 round of the preliminaries scored 10 points to lead. The field of England, Sturridge and Cahill’s goal is La Lana header, interestingly, it looks good in the recent Scotland header against England is always losing their head, nearly 8 of England’s 7 ball in a header, and the 7 headed also are different players scored in England. Since October 2009, after losing to Ukraine (this is the 2010 World Cup group phase final, when England has 9 wins to qualify), England in the contest qualifier has 33 games unbeaten, score of 25 wins 8 flat. At Wembley, the three lions in the 28 World Cup won 21 wins 6 flat 1 negative results, which is called "the king of qualifiers". Some people say that England is the "European Chinese team" small series of the first to accept, at least the people’s qualifying qualifying drops! Poland like Romania Lavon is the grandson of Hitler? Poland in the away game against Romania in the 3-0 win, in the first 3 qualifying games scored a goal of Lewandowski still maintained a high efficiency, the field again contributed to the goal of the 2 5. Perhaps too rosy, Lavon was a fan of Romania attack, the game Lavon once the firecracker wounded, the game thus interrupted for nearly 10 minutes. But there is another way of saying that Lavon was attacked because he is the grandson of Hitler. There is a push before the comparison of Lavon and Hitler on two, looks indeed somewhat similar, and also with solemn said: do you know? Lavon’s grandmother is one of the youngest sister of Hitler, the name of which is the death of, by the death of a young man, named by the death of a young woman named Paula, who died in 1960. But Paula Hitler was not married, no children, this is just a rumor. If the fans attacked Lavon for the rumor, he was lying in the gun. Today there are still many fields of World Cup competition, the next will take you to watch the octopus daily fresh capital (Wen) – (Dan). 22 Cameroon players in Europe nearly 13 war only 1 negative Cameroon recent state stability, in 13 competitions only lost to France, in addition to 6 wins 6 flat. In the training squad, Cameroon recruited all overseas players, 22 of whom played in Europe, including 10 people in the five major league, another 1 people in the United States Post contact effect. But the Zambia team only one sun Zu played in five major league French Lille squad, harder than the luxury Cameroon. Cameroon in the official game with Zambia against 12 times, made a total of 5 wins and 6 draws against the advantage of the last encounter in 2010, when the attack on the state of the United States (3)相关的主题文章: