No one will ever be lonely, there is always a kind of love, can warm you adobe gamma

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  • November 16, 2017
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No one will never lonely, there is always a kind of love, can warm your [Abstract] due to the good friend Mia and Paul met in practical joke, social network, but did not become lovers, they developed a good friendship, and try to keep the friendship. However, something unexpected happened…… This paper from the "she and him", (Law) Mark Livy, translated by Yang Yiyu, Hunan literature and Art Publishing House, July 2016 source network since early spring, London was torn by the rainy weather. The rain washed the roof, walls, private cars, buses, sidewalks and passers-by in a hurry to depart. Mia just ended a meeting, and this is her family rushed to the broker. Creston grew to accept the traditional education, an old style. He always gave away the secret, but every time point out still very calm and composed, keep good manners. Elegant manners and wise words Creston respected by everyone. People always refer to his sharp but not hurtful words in every kind of dinner. At the same time, he is the patron saint of MIA. In this cruel, vulgar movies, sometimes a beautiful actress does need some protection and privileges. On that day, to participate in the private film Creston Mia screenings. Usually, in such situations, the agent always refused and Mia common viewing, so that they can only wait for the return of Creston in the office. Creston returned to the office, take a raincoat, sit in the armchair, and then quickly cut to the chase, said: "this movie is full of romantic color, play skillfully around a specific plot, although the plot is untenable, but now, who cares about this problem? The film will cause a sensation." Mia too understand she is Creston, understand the true meaning of these words. She is in the movie, Creston continued, just a little too frequently exposed himself to her future, next time he will keep an eye on her, let her every three lens shows a hip, because now the audience always will soon have actors categorized. Creston, Frank "please tell me what you really think." "Your character is not easy to interpret, but your performance is perfect. However, we cannot always take some hero in three games two betrayal, extramarital affairs, a cup of tea in a hurry to spend the autumn film. In addition, the film is simply an action film, the camera has been moving, but also the characters…… Do you have anything to add?" "I want to hear the truth, creston!" "My dear, this is a real movie, it is a" good movie theater for All seats are occupied. ‘, because you and your husband appeared together in the film. By this point, and the only bright spot, the film can be released as a high-profile event. The media will be eager to report your understanding on the screen. Of course, because you’re more famous than your husband, they’ll take it and focus on it. I’m not saying this to compliment you, but to put it in a simple way." "But in everyday life, he is a real star." M)相关的主题文章: