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  • November 15, 2017
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"Nine people" "mercy" notice by Mr. Maoku meow threat – Sohu "Mr. universe entertainment Maoku" evil Sohu entertainment comedy film "nine lives", this adorable cheap, suspected ADHD patients with severe MR Maoku heinous bad behavior finally broke the family to the bottom line, is history the most brutal "meow" threat. In the trailer today the film released, the cat with field force to house the scourge upside down, first in the famous brand bag hangover pee, followed by ten all around the mobile phone to the toilet, can not stand on the family finally issued a yellow card warning — dare unbridled castration, disposal. It is reported that the film is expected to release in September in the country. Mr. Maoku "field force" the scourge of all sorts of video features released infinite encountered in the history of the most brutal threats meow comedy film "nine lives" before this has let the domestic audience insight into the unique qualities of the destructive force of Mr Maoku strong and playfully up really who ", in this trailer today released in, this is love meow star who played the power to become aggravated, the designer handbags, when the public toilet does not say, but also directly to the mobile phone when the basketball into the toilet, the family threw his bag. Was tortured family finally decided to turn over to the opposition, Mr Maoku resorted to the killer — dare mess, will give you a cruel "small operation". Receive this warning of Mr. Maoku, immediately "the meow is not good". Mr. Maoku is suffering statement, originally the president handed when properly, but suddenly became the most do not love the cat. Mr. Spacey starred Maoku laughed fruit bursting shovel turned a shit official debris film "nine lives" by Barry Sonnenfeld ("men in black" directed by Kevin Spacey, director), Christopher Walken, Jennifer – Garner and Robbie – Amer starred in Hollywood star, the film tells the story of being overbearing president male one day the protagonist in a spell into a cat as a pet, the home made to make a general turmoil, a series of comedy drama story. The film is expected to be released in September in china.相关的主题文章: